How to wear loafers: ideas for the 2020 season

We learned what to wear with women’s loafers in 2020 to look stylish and trendy. Look for valuable tips in this article!

Combinations for all occasions

To the office

Of course, shoes with heels are incredibly feminine, attractive, and so on. But not every lady can withstand the daily marathon in stilettos. Here office ladies come to the aid of loafers – incredibly comfortable and practical shoes. Let’s figure out what to wear with such a pair in accordance with the dress code and fashion trends of the 2020 season.

Win-win idea number 1 is a combination with a dress. Your choice can fall on a laconic straight cut, a case, a shirt style, a variation with a wrap or a minimalist model with a belt at the waist. These looks are ideally completed with a structured bag, a graceful watch and a delicate pendant.

A pantsuit and this shoe model is another winning formula for creating a stylish look for the office. At the same time, as a base layer, you can choose not only a familiar shirt, but also a fashionable T-shirt. Such a replacement of terms will make a fashionable bow more fresh and modern, and loafers will be responsible for strict compliance with a strict dress code.

The pleated skirt, so relevant in the 2020 season, organically fits into the office style. Such a model is able to give the image a more romantic and feminine sound. At the same time, it is worth making sure that the fashionable combination looks restrained – for the right mood, you can wear a white shirt and loafers.

In many modern companies, the dress code allows the presence of jeans in the wardrobe of a business woman. True, not every model can be awarded such an honorary title. Stylists assure that the best option would be straight jeans without fringes and scuffs in classic blue or black colors. If when choosing shoes you express a preference for loafers, then you can choose a shirt paired with a jacket or an elongated vest as a top.

Beige loafers are considered an excellent solution for the 2020 season – they are in harmony with both light and dark denim.

For office outfits, loafers with a stable heel are great – this is one of the key novelties of the 2020 season. As a top, a shirt with an interesting colorful print is perfect.

If your strict boss doesn’t appreciate showing up in jeans at work, you can swap them out for classic, high-rise straight-leg trousers. A stylish solution would also be a cropped model that will focus on fashionable shoes.

Jumpers with a strict contrasting collar are ideally combined with loafers – such models will perfectly fit into the autumn office wardrobe.

On weekdays

If you are not used to parting with sneakers when creating stylish looks for everyday life, you can safely replace them with loafers – such a touch will make the bow more elegant, feminine and beautiful. For example, you can try to complement basic jeans with such shoes and at the same time not change the usual top – you will see that the created outfit will noticeably change.

In the 2020 season, jumpers and pullovers with a deep V-neck are incredibly relevant, which are especially interesting to beat in multi-layered ensembles. If you want to make a look with jeans more elegant, feel free to complement it with loafers and the specified top.

In a duet with loafers, basic ankle-length straight trousers promise to look great. As part of everyday bows, it is not necessary to choose a shirt for the role of the top (although the oversized model with an asymmetrical cut looks great). For everyday life, you can pick up a turtleneck, a embossed sweater, a T-shirt or a crop top.

As for the winning trousers for combination with loafers, here stylists distinguish cropped models, variations with arrows, chinos and culottes. A tandem of high-rise trousers with a cropped top will look especially fashionable – this technique visually slims the silhouette of the figure and brings it closer to ideal parameters.

For a woman to create a fashionable look for every day, she can combine loafers and any casual dress. Stylists assure that laconic straight and oversized models look appropriate in such a stylish bow. A favorite choice of fashionistas is a cut shirt, which in the 2020 season is presented mainly in a free version. But too elegant and richly decorated dresses are listed as taboo – such variations are not created for combination with flat shoes.

If the loafers are presented in a laconic design, the selected dress may have a rather unusual cut. For example, in the 2020 season, asymmetry, puffed sleeves, puffs and other original experiments with style are in trend. Only in this case it is better to choose a plain dress and discreet accessories.

For everyday life, various models of sundresses are also perfect, which can be interpreted in completely different ways. For example, as a top, it is permissible to choose a hoodie, jumper, pullover or shirt.

A flirty and stylish bow can also be made with a mini skirt, especially in a denim incarnation. A jumper, turtleneck, romantic blouse, shirts or a knitted cardigan will look cool as a top. An addition in the form of an oversized jacket promises to look stylish and fresh – such a final touch will make the bow a little more masculine.

A woman over 50 is better off wearing loafers in the 2020 season in combination with a midi length skirt. Now the most relevant models are pencil, straight cut with a slit and a trapezoid. Feminine midi length skirts and variations of flying textures also look great in combination with loafers. For the top in this case, stylists advise choosing a shirt, cardigan or sweater.

To make everyday looks more saturated and expressive, they should definitely be completed with fashion accessories. For example, in the 2020 season, various chains, odd-shaped bags, minimalistic but large earrings, rings and silk scarves were at the top of popularity.


In the fall of 2020, women’s loafers should be worn according to special rules that will not violate the style of the image and at the same time will not allow you to freeze. Especially for you, we have compiled the top most winning tandems.

With the advent of cold weather, all the girls take out fashionable and incredibly comfortable oversized sweaters from the wardrobe. Such models usually have a raised design, so they look best with a fairly tight bottom, for example, with trousers and jeans. The created bow can be supplemented with loafers and outerwear. As stylish options, a checkered jacket (which now can and should be worn with a sweater), a midi coat, a leather jacket or a sheepskin coat is suitable.

To beat the loafers in the fall, they can be supplemented with straight trousers and a jumper. Moreover, a print will look great on one of the elements – if we are talking about office style, then it is better to rely on a discreet cage or strip.

In autumn, a stylish solution would also be to create an outfit from cozy knitwear. In order not to puzzle over the winning combination, you may prefer…

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