How to wear shorts in autumn 2020

What to wear with shorts in autumn-winter 2021? If you are asking this question, then this article is for you. In it, we will talk about the most fashionable shorts, what to wear them with and what colors to choose. And, of course, we will share the advice of stylists, because they know best of all how to choose the right image for different body types.

Say NO to jeans and trousers

In recent years, shorts have become an integral part of the women’s wardrobe, especially in the summer season. But today I want to talk more about what to wear with shorts in the fall-winter 2021. Yes, we were not mistaken! It is in the fall, when the leaves on the trees no longer hold from strong gusts of wind, and every morning it becomes colder and colder. And for you to believe us for sure, we have prepared photo examples.

Of course, we do not want to say that it is worth giving up jeans or trousers altogether. But if your wardrobe contains only these things, I would like to note that shorts are suitable for creating casual and office looks. And remember, they are not cold. Therefore, our first question is about what models can be worn in the fall, so as not to harm your health and at the same time remain the most fashionable.

Warm shorts: choose composition, fabric

Autumn pleases us with warmth only in the first few weeks of September. Although in rare cases it is comfortable even in October, it would still be good to start warming up with a decrease in temperature. And shorts don’t seem to fit here. If you still want to diversify your image and not freeze, then catch the next selection of fabrics. They are ideally combined with different clothes, and most importantly – it is not cold and does not blow through, which is the most important thing for us girls.

  • Velvet and corduroy. The most luxurious look consists of a combination of clothes of these materials. And do not limit yourself to evening dresses made of velvet or velveteen. For many years they have been at the peak of popularity. Therefore, not only jackets or dresses can be found from velveteen or velvet. These shorts will be warm and can be worn in autumn-winter 2021 to match the fashion trends.

  • Padded jersey – This is another material that is suitable for shorts for the fall. By the way, from the outside, it absolutely does not look like something warm and bulky. The right cut, and voila: fashionable shorts for autumn-winter 2021 are ready. They are warm and cozy. In addition, they are easy to combine with other clothes.

  • Suede – it’s a pleasant texture. The fabric is incredibly soft, and most importantly – retains heat, which is so necessary in autumn. Suede shorts are optional. You can choose the shade of fabric in the store, and then go to the studio to sew shorts for you. After that, get ready to catch a lot of admiring glances!

  • Leather. It is no longer a secret that leather can be used everywhere. Especially popular is eco-leather, which has lighter properties, stretches well and sits perfectly on the figure. But here, get ready that all attention will be on your feet. Leather things always give the image a certain luxury, emphasize the richness of the taste and style of its owner.

  • Wool. Why not look for shorts from this fabric? Moreover, now there are just hundreds of different options: in a cage, in a strip, in one color or in a flower. And these shorts can be worn even in winter with outerwear. Here it all depends on what you like. And then with the help of the right combination of colors it is easy to create a stylish look.

Now let’s move on to the second question: what models will be fashionable this fall and winter.

Warm shorts: fashion models

Bermuda shorts are the most popular trend of the coming seasons. For the cold season, elongated culottes were specially selected. And the most HIT of the season – bermuda shorts with a high waist. So plan your shopping soon to find your shade and model.

Bermudas can be worn not only in summer. Just choose denim, leather or other materials from the list above.

Bermuda shorts were made for the colonial military of the 19th century. Spaciousness and conciseness created comfort in a tropical climate. And, yes, the name comes from those very Bermudas. So everyone who likes to wear men’s things and reveal secrets should definitely pick up this model.

Also fashionable can be called shorts that have a classic length or mini. How to wear them so as not to freeze, we will tell you very soon. These shorts can become an indispensable thing for walking, going out to a restaurant or complementing the office style.

Culottes are another popular model that can be worn not only under slippers or clogs. Just ditch the summer colors and add some autumnal touches to your look.

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What to wear with shorts: tips from stylists

And the most important question: what to wear with shorts in the fall-winter 2021. We offer a selection of ideas and tips from stylists.

  • If you do not have the time and desire to deal with a combination of colors and styles, then choose ready-made suits: Bermuda shorts and jackets. Such things themselves are made of autumn fabrics, so it is simply impossible to freeze in them on a sunny day. But to look stylish – very even!

  • Denim shorts look great with a leather jacket. Whatever color you choose, finding outerwear in the right shade will not be difficult.

  • Shorts above the knee in classic black, and in other colors, complement with a white blouse. So you definitely will not spoil the image, and at the same time it will rightfully become an office one.

  • A variety of options are suitable as shoes for shorts: over the knee boots, mules, pumps with thin high or classic heels, ankle boots, etc.

  • Culottes go great with a kangaroo or other sweaters. If you want some zest, choose bright contrasting colors or use different textures of fabrics. For example, checkered wool culottes and a black leather jacket.

  • Want to create a warm look but with short shorts? Then give your preference to a long coat, for example, sleeveless. You can also use a shirt, sweatshirt, and your favorite sneakers as shoes.

  • Bright shorts = simple top design. Shirts, sweaters, one-color, laconic design, but you can pick up an interesting cut.

Do not forget to wear tights under shorts and other shorts. No one sees beige tones, as the effect of bare legs is created. But in colder weather, give preference to warm tights. For example, colored. Now the stores offer a wide range of colors and shades.

How to wear shorts: examples of images

Now let’s see what specific things the autumn models of shorts will look like and how to combine them correctly.

Shorts with cardigan

Shorts with a cardigan are a rather simple and relaxed look. Choose a wide knit, below the knee length. At the same time, the image looks stylish and warm with sweaters just below the shorts. Color: matching or other contrasting shade.

Shorts with coat

What to wear with leather shorts in autumn-winter 2021? With a coat! At the same time, it is not necessary to choose the usual models with …

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