How to wear sportswear to look fashionable

How to wear sportswear to look stylish and feminine in them? If this question interests you, then we offer you a selection of interesting ideas and tips. We hope that after reading this article you will replenish your wardrobe with new fashionable things.

Fashion rules: how to wear sportswear in 2021

If once sportswear had only one purpose – sports, today it has become more versatile. Since these clothes are very comfortable, you can walk in it, meet friends and even go to work. The main thing is to skillfully introduce sports style items into your images.

What are the things? They are the following:

  • Top – T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bomber jackets.
  • Bottom – leggings, bike shorts, trousers, shorts.
  • Shoes – sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons.

Let’s start with leggings and bike shorts. Probably, there is no girl who does not have comfortable leggings in her closet. Cycling shorts appeared on fashion catwalks quite recently, but have already received wide recognition. Who would have thought that these things are perfect for urban images. Their big plus is that they perfectly emphasize your forms, especially if there is something to show. As a top for such a sports bottom, you can take a top, T-shirt, hoodie, and a jacket, cardigan or jacket can serve as a second layer. If you want to hide the hip area, then choose an elongated outerwear.

Pants with stripes are vaguely reminiscent of sweatpants. In the context of this topic, we want to offer you a very interesting look in which trousers with stripes are combined with a classic jacket and high-heeled shoes. It turns out a fashionable, light and relaxed look.

Speaking of outerwear, we should mention the classic coat and trench coat. These things can add a few points to femininity. For a stylish sporty look, take loose trousers, such as joggers, a sweatshirt (you can oversize), sneakers and add a classic coat here. The last thing will dilute a slightly rough outfit and make it more structured.

In addition, a trench coat can be worn over a tracksuit. To do this, you can take a classic version or a sleeveless trench coat.

The most sporty bomber jacket is a very comfortable and favorite thing for many girls, which was previously worn only with jeans or something like that. But who would have thought that this thing goes well with light, summer dresses. As shoes here you can take both sneakers and sandals with heels.

Sports style is not only for thin people. Sports items can be worn very well by obese women. Clothing in this style is so versatile that it would be appropriate to look at a lady of any physique. It is only necessary to select a thing in size and use it to hide the existing flaws. For example, sweatpants and hoodies are better to buy free, not restricting movement.

Stylish sports looks with skirts and dresses

Probably, most of all girls are afraid to combine sports and dresses. But, if you follow the fashion trends of recent years and 2021 in particular, you might have noticed that this is a pretty successful tandem. Lovely, romantic dresses and skirts have long been worn not only with shoes and sandals with heels, but also with sneakers and rough boots. Jackets-leather jackets and denim jackets are also perfectly introduced into such images. Firstly, it is beautiful, and secondly, it is very convenient.

An interesting look is the combination of a fitted knitted dress with a leather jacket and sneakers. In this bow, knitwear is responsible for femininity and elegance, while a jacket and sneakers add some zest.

Correctly combining sportswear with things of other styles will not work right away and not for every woman, because sometimes it can even be difficult to think of some ideas. For example, our ideas about successful combinations can be broken by the combination of a hoodie and a pleated skirt. It seems that these things are from completely different worlds, but together they look quite attractive.

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Shoes and accessories in sportswear

Shoes and accessories play a very important role in any image. Of course, in outfits with sportswear, you can’t do without them either. For example, if you think that the image is missing something, but you really want to get a stylish bow, you can safely add a baseball cap to it. Even if you are wearing a jacket, trousers and blouse, as well as a classic coat, a baseball cap will definitely not be superfluous. She will tell others that you are a bold person and are not afraid to experiment with your appearance.

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People often think that if there are sports items in the image, then only sneakers are suitable here as shoes. In fact, these are all stereotypes! If desired, joggers or any other sports-style trousers can be worn with pumps with heels. If all the things in your bow are relevant this season and look harmonious with each other, then you are doomed to success.

On the photos located here you can see examples of how interesting it is to wear sportswear and look stylish at the same time. To be feminine and fashionable, it is not necessary to replenish your wardrobe with cute dresses, ruffles and heels. You can also look stunning in sportswear if you skillfully use the knowledge gained.

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