How to wear trends 2019: tips from Evelina Khromtchenko

Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko will tell you how to wear the main trends of the 2019 season!


More shine!

Evelina Khromtchenko is sure that at first glance, festive things, with a strong desire, can be easily entered into a stylish everyday look. New items with a metered amount of rhinestones, sequins or lurex, with the right approach, can look restrained, elegant and feminine.

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It should be understood that in an everyday look, one sparkling thing will be more than enough. In order not to go beyond the style and not step on the border of pretentiousness, you should choose the most concise things, accessories and shoes for the shining decor. It is the detail with such an active decoration that should become the main character of the outfit, and the rest of the things are designed only to delicately shade this beauty.


According to the expert, such an interesting headdress can not only complement the style of a woman, but also be its basis. The beret is the unequivocal trend of the 2019 season and should be looked at by all fashionistas who like to look elegant and elegant.

The host of Fashion Sentence emphasizes that the beret should be used in order to make the usual outfit more intelligent and charming, as well as to emphasize the natural charm. A trendy headpiece perfectly dilutes the basic wardrobe, makes the bow more interesting and becomes a stylish final point in the ensemble.

In order for everyday images to noticeably change, Khromchenko is advised to bring the usual casual to the casual chic style. This is not just the usual combination of jeans and sneakers. Casual chic requires at least one luxurious detail, and the beret is perfect for this role.

The second image shows how you can introduce a leather beret into the image. It is to this model that the latest trends are not indifferent in the autumn 2019 season.

In the third bow, according to the fashion expert, you definitely cannot do without a beret. This accessory reduces the age characteristic and the degree of bourgeoisness of the ensemble with a tweed jacket.

snake print

The undisputed favorite of the 2019 season is the snake print. Khromchenko is sure that, despite its animal origin, such a drawing should not look predatory. If you choose the right complementary things, a fashionable snake motif will suit even women over 50.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! With a snake print, it is extremely easy to create a vulgar and vulgar look.[/stextbox]

A stylish wardrobe investment for the 2019 season will be a dress with such an edgy print. There are a few tips for making the right choice. First, it is the length of the dress. The snake motif is unlikely to make friends with the mini, but with the midi it will allow you to create a particularly elegant bow.

The second key to success is the color of the dress. It is better if the snake print is kept in soft shades without too much contrast. It is also worth taking care of modest shoes – topical shoes with a Mary-Jane belt will fit perfectly.

The ideal autumn palette is the noble shades of wine and chocolate. A snake-print blouse in dark muted colors fits perfectly with this look! The predatory nature of the print with this approach is not at all striking.

The third image is perfect for a young girl. Another win-win way to reduce the aggressiveness of the color is to choose a light option. The short length of the skirt can be leveled with a fashionable oversized jacket and coarse voluminous shoes.

Evelina emphasizes that it is the bleached snake motif that is the most versatile in its combinations. It can be combined with almost any shade.

trench coat

Evelina Khromchenko proves by personal example that a trench coat is the perfect outerwear for the off-season. It combines femininity, elegance, sexuality and versatility. Depending on the complementary things, the trench coat can be both strict and flirty.

An unconditional classic is a beige midi length trench coat. This model is suitable for slender and full women, regardless of age and hair color. But do not limit yourself to a light palette. Many fashionistas go for colored raincoats, as well as models in a trendy checkered print.

Layering is always at the top of fashion trends. In the cold season, this technique is not only relevant, but also excellent practicality – it will definitely not allow you to freeze. Trench coat will look stylish paired with a hoodie or sweatshirt. It is important that the hood was straightened outward. It is appropriate to complete such a look with boyfriend or mom jeans and sneakers.

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With a trench coat, it is easy to create monochrome outfits. Doubly beautiful combinations are obtained on the basis of a light pastel palette. For example, you can wear a trouser suit in a delicate shade under a trench coat.

Another fashion trick that can be embodied in an image with a trench coat is the tying of outerwear not completely. So you can accentuate the waistline and demonstrate a stylish image in full. Various creative and careless knots are in trend now.


Leather texture has firmly taken the lead in the list of leading trends. Now not only classic black leather is in fashion, but also colored versions of the texture. This season it is worth taking a closer look at burgundy, mustard, yellow and red skin.

Evelina Khromtchenko advises betting on tight skin in a loose cut. Too tight cut in leather texture runs the risk of looking vulgar and old-fashioned. Sometimes you can prefer a semi-fitted model to delicately emphasize a beautiful figure.

The must-have of the cold season is a leather sundress. Khromchenko considers a turtleneck to be the most stylish and practical addition to it. Moreover, it can almost match the color of a sundress or create a spectacular contrast. A simple white shirt or tank top would also work well.


In the cold season, tweed will be at the peak of popularity. Contrary to the stereotype, it is suitable not only for women over 40, but also for young fashionistas. A great idea would be to buy a jacket, skirt or tweed suit.

The secret of a stylish look is the selection of the right accessories for the tweed texture. They should be modern and not boring.


Stripes remain relevant in the 2019 season, but still Evelina does not recommend purchasing a dress and skirt with this design. Tuxedo pants with contrasting side stripes are the perfect buy, according to a fashion expert. They will not go out of fashion and will look appropriate in various situations.

Even frankly elegant trousers with stripes can be successfully entered into an everyday look. They can be combined not only with stilettos, but also with comfortable slip-ons.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Interesting! The stripes on the trousers perfectly slim and stretch the silhouette.[/stextbox]

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