How to wear wide leg pants in 2020

In this article, we reveal all the most stylish tandems on what to wear wide trousers with in the 2020 season. Be sure to repeat the combinations you like!

With a jacket

Wide trousers rule the ball in the current business dress code. The 2020 fashion season offers several variations on how to fit this novelty into the office style. So, a great idea would be to combine this bottom with an elongated loose jacket. In this case, there are two options – to give the jacket freedom or accentuate the waist with a fashionable leather belt. Another important note for this fashionable look is that the top and bottom do not have to be components of one set at all, a contrasting tandem will look no less stylish.

[stextbox id=’info’]Such a stylish bow can be easily adapted for a special occasion – for this you can decide to wear a jacket on a naked body, and create a mood with the help of emphatically refined accessories and shoes with heels.[/stextbox]

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With crop top

Stylists have in their arsenal another win-win fashion recipe on how to make an image with wide trousers trendy. To do this, you need to keep the previous set, but at the same time unbutton the jacket and add a base layer in the form of a cropped knit top or cut-off t-shirt. However, you can also take off the jacket – such a simple trick will create a daring youth image.

With a T-shirt

The undisputed trends of the 2020 season are flared, palazzo and culottes – the most common models of wide pants. First you need to decide on your personal favorite, and only then proceed to compiling fashionable combinations. For example, in the summer of 2020, any wide trousers can be worn in a duet with a T-shirt. Moreover, the top in this case can be selected both plain and printed. The choice of shoes in this image will definitely not be difficult, because it can be both sneakers or sneakers, as well as elegant sandals. It should be borne in mind that accessories depend on the chosen shoes.

With a sweater

You can wear wide trousers paired with a sweater at least every day. This is an incredibly practical and comfortable set, which at the same time corresponds to the leading fashion trends. Stylists recommend that overweight women wear wide trousers in the maximum color match with the top – the monochrome technique perfectly stretches the silhouette and slims the figure. Girls for whom this property does not really matter can, on the contrary, choose a bright and contrasting sweater – this stylistic device is at the peak of popularity in the 2020 season.

Even in an outfit with a knitted sweater, you can add a touch of intrigue and sensuality. For the desired effect, you should choose a free model and coquettishly lower it on one shoulder. The base layer in such a bow can be a lace T-shirt.

Such an image will easily adapt to any season. It will warm you on a cool summer evening, and in the fall it will become a fashionable idea when choosing outerwear in the form of an elongated sheepskin coat, coat or leather jackets and shoes in the form of sneakers, oxfords or ankle boots.

If you want this look to look feminine, bet on soft, airy hand-knitted sweaters. A great idea would also be to choose a delicate pastel color – such a palette is wonderful not only for young girls, but also for women over 50.


With a turtleneck

The onset of the spring 2020 season suggests wearing wide trousers in a duet with a turtleneck. It may sound boring, but stylists strongly suggest getting rid of the mediocrity of such a combination. For example, it is easy to make it much more interesting if you allow yourself to experiment with colors and textures. The more opposite the components, the more expressive the bow will turn out. Also, do not forget about the huge power of accessories.

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With a shirt

A huge scope for imagination is a combination with a shirt. If you choose a basic white model with a sufficiently free cut, you will get a stylish and comfortable bow for work. If you have already tried this combination, you can add a fashionable twist to it – for example, with strict suspenders or a bow tie. In the role of shoes, loafers, pumps or ankle boots with a steady heel are best suited here.

For a more relaxed and casual look, pair with a loose shirt with short sleeves. Such a novelty can be associated with masculine style (especially in the presence of patch pockets), and this will make it look even more fashionable.

In summer, a shirt can also help out when creating a stylish and up-to-date look. To do this, it is worth choosing models from a light texture and tying them in a knot at the waist – this touch will set the bow in a casual mood and make it flirty and interesting.

With top

In the summer season, women of fashion are especially in demand with wide trousers made of natural textures. You will certainly not have problems with the compatibility of such a comfortable and versatile model. For example, he can always help out the top of his favorite style. In the 2020 season, tight variations with thin straps and loose models with lace or transparent inserts are equally relevant. Such bows can always be stylishly completed with a straw bag and a hat.

With a blouse

Many stylish images can be created if you experiment on the selection of a blouse. It’s great if your pants are in line with current fashion trends and are presented with an oversized fit. In this case, you can pick up a shortened blouse or tuck in a free model. Among the main hits of the 2020 season are models with a wrap, a bow at the neck, voluminous sleeves, open shoulders, lace and transparent inserts.

If your wardrobe is dominated by plain trousers, you can not limit yourself in the selection of a printed blouse. To make such an image look harmonious, you can ensure that one of the shades of the pattern repeats the color of the pants.

In monochrome

It is very easy to become the center of attention and admiration of others if you decide to compile a trendy monochrome set. You can choose any top – our cheat sheet above can help you with this. The logical completion of the image will be shoes that will support the chosen range of the image or will be in harmony with accessories.

If you want to look as impressive as possible, embody the technique of monochrome in white, the aristocratic beige color will be in place when composing a business or elegant ensemble, and the dominance of black concise things will make the outfit mysterious and luxurious. Noble shades of wine, emerald, purple and chocolate colors also proved to be excellent when creating monochrome ensembles.


In addition to the classic sets, we suggest you not to ignore quite non-trivial combinations. For example, as a top, you can experiment with multi-layered ensembles. The 2020 season has a lot of ideas to bring to life…

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