How to whiten skin at home

Often, women are faced with skin features such as freckles, age spots, a stale look, or simply the negative effects of sunburn. And then the question arises: “How to quickly whiten the skin at home?”.

There are many simple folk ways to solve such problems. Lemon or citric acid has always been widely used in folk medicine for skin whitening. But before using such products, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to citrus fruits, so as not to harm your skin.

If there is no allergy, then you can prepare a lemon mask for yourself, which must be used about once every three days, after about a dozen such procedures. To make it, you will need to mix the juice of one lemon, a teaspoon of sugar, egg white and two teaspoons of boiled water until smooth. The resulting mask should be left on the face for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean warm water.

Using lemon, you can prepare a light lotion for rubbing the skin of the face in the morning and evening. To prepare it, take fresh parsley leaves and pour boiling water over them, after which we let them brew a little over low heat. Then cool the broth, strain and mix in equal proportions with lemon juice. The lotion is ready. Now it can be poured into a convenient container and used daily.

An impeccable reputation for whitening the skin at home has earned a cucumber mask, used daily for ten days. To make it, finely grate one fresh cucumber and add sour cream or regular day cream to it. The resulting mixture is applied to the face for half an hour. After the specified time, wash off the mask with warm water without the use of cosmetics for washing. But it should be remembered that it is impossible to store such a mask. For each procedure, it is necessary to make a new portion.

To whiten the skin from freckles, gauze strips well moistened with sour milk are effectively used. They are applied to the face for 20 minutes. This mask is done twice a day and does not require rinsing. The skin of the face should only be blotted with a dry cotton pad. After a week of using this mask, the result will be very noticeable.

Whichever of the above recipes you use, the result will become obvious. Your skin will have a fresh and well-groomed appearance, attract the attention of others and, undoubtedly, emphasize your femininity.

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