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How your husband’s t-shirt will diversify your wardrobe in the summer of 2020

Oversize clothing is a tribute to the style of the 90s, which has been at the peak of fashion for several seasons in a row. The loose cut emphasizes the fragility of the female figure and slims the silhouette. In summer, a t-shirt from a man’s shoulder is useful for stylish looks. Consider the most fashionable bows next.

husband's t-shirt

To walk

A baggy men’s T-shirt pairs perfectly with tight-fitting bottoms such as cycling shorts or trousers. The bow will be complemented by high top sneakers or sneakers. A boyfriend t-shirt will give you comfort and a sense of freedom as a set for a walk, gatherings over a cup of coffee or just as a good solution for every day.

man's T-shirt

To the office

For the office, you should choose a plain top in soothing colors: white, gray, black, beige; Can be worn loose or partially tucked in. A jacket will make the look more formal, and in combination with heels – stylish. The bottom of the set can be chosen according to your mood: Bermuda, jeans, dress pants or a pencil skirt.

oversized T-shirt

For shopping

Wear a large, stretchy T-shirt as a short dress? Why not? Stylists recommend experimenting with sleeve lengths, heeled shoes or Roman sandals, and focusing on the waist with a narrow or wide belt. The look will turn out stylish if you add sunglasses and a cross-body bag. Pure colors look especially stylish: white, light blue, beige or black.

T-shirt dress

To meet with a friend

The classic combination is jeans and an oversized T-shirt. The image is universal and suitable for owners of any figure. Choose jeans with a high waist to tuck a T-shirt in them asymmetrically or, conversely, to make them loose, and at the bottom of the legs you can make a casual turn-up. Moccasins, sneakers or flip flops with heels are suitable as shoes for this style.

t-shirt with jeans

On an excursion

A summer bow for an excursion is comfortable clothing made of breathable fabrics. A boyfriend t-shirt with large slogans or a logo and matching trousers will be a fashionable combination, and to add spice to the look, combine the look with rough boots.

t-shirt with trousers

For courses

This look combines two summer trends at once – layering and oversized. The image is popular among it-girls and is worn in a deliberately masculine style, without accents on the waist and emphasizing the female figure. If you add skinny jeans and “martins”, you get a real rebel!

T-shirt with skinny jeans

Thanks to a T-shirt a couple of sizes larger than necessary, you can diversify your usual summer wardrobe and make the image more daring and fashionable. Self-expression and comfort are always in trend!

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