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Hyalripier is a scientific invention in the field of cosmetology. It was in 2009 that a clinical experiment of a new biological product in the world was conducted at the Sechenov Institute. This project was managed by the researcher Shekhter A. B. The drug is a unique, high-quality range of cosmetic products for bioreparation.

Uniqueness Hyalrepair

This is one of the most modern methods of rejuvenation, which involves the activation of natural renewal processes with the help of injections. Before the advent of Hyalripier, amino acids, hyaluron, vitamins, microelements were used for this process. All medicines were used alternately, as a result of which the use of such injections could take a long time.

The purpose of the drug is to force the skin tissue to regenerate itself. Bioreparation has earned high praise from world experts in the beauty industry, the demand for such a procedure is growing rapidly every day.

Clinically, the effectiveness of Hyalrepair is confirmed by the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is noted that it is freely injected into the outer and middle skin and is correctly placed. It is used to correct the most difficult aesthetic imperfections and is able to “turn back time”, again providing the opportunity to regenerate in a natural way.


The composition includes a complex of healing substances – HA, glutathione, vitamins, which allow you to solve the problem of youth, eliminate wrinkles. The transformation of HA is carried out by non-chemical reagents in a Bringeman mill under pressure using shear changes. This method helps not only to change hyaluronate, but also to “graft” active molecules to it.

The interval of Hyalripier injections has been increased – once every twenty days – a convenience for clients who value their time. It is allowed to conduct research in several directions at once, guaranteeing a tightening effect, improving complexion and skin elasticity.

Quality and safety are determined by the following factors:

  • the use of first-class raw materials from the countries of the East and Central Europe;
  • strict medical development standards that ensure the absolute reliability of the products produced.

Hyalripier line

There are two lines of funds – the first solves the issue associated with biorevitalization, the second – with mesolifting. The drug is intended for patients of the older age group and brings effective results:

  • activates the renewal of the skin, increases the reserves of proteins;
  • corrects visible problems of solar or free-radical aging and loss of tone;
  • eliminates aesthetic problems;
  • contributes to the visible effect.

For biorevitalization


Issue: Syringe, volume 1.5 ml.

Ingredients: hyaluronic, aliphatic, heterocyclic, ascorbic, aminoacetic acids.

Apply for:

  1. Reduce skin aging.
  2. Additional hydration.
  3. Preparations for external influence: plastic surgery, peeling.

The drug activates the connection of fibrillar protein fibers, which provides the tissues with the substances necessary for this process.


The composition of the drug is the same as that of the previous drug. Tripeptide added. Used to repair skin lesions.


  • increase in elasticity;
  • elimination of mimic wrinkles;
  • reduction of age spots;
  • elimination of vascular “asterisks”.

The drug stimulates the formation of a structural protein of elastic fibers and fibrillar protein, which has an antioxidant effect.


Release: syringe 1.5 ml.

Structure: hyaluron, B vitamin, ascorbic acid.


  1. Improvement in skin color.
  2. Transformation of age-related modifications and excessive accumulation of adipose tissue in the thighs, buttocks, knee joints.
  3. To eliminate adipose tissue on the cheeks and in the chin area.
  4. In order to increase elasticity after surgical correction of the contours of the figure.

Means used for “lifting” the skin of the face based on mesotherapy differ from HA injections in the form of release, composition. They are suitable for patients who have clearly identified age-related changes, as well as for individuals who suffer from acne.


Bottle, volume 5 ml. Consists of HA 2 ml, lactoflavin, vitamin C.

Indications for use:

  1. Decreased firmness, elasticity, combined with inflammation.
  2. Fight against skin inflammation, acne.
  3. Reduction of dense formations from the connective tissue.
  4. Excessive dryness of the skin.


It is used to prevent, reduce age-related changes, as well as eliminate a number of problems. The tool can be used both for the treatment of existing problems, and for their prevention in the future.

Bottle 5 ml. Ingredients: 2 mg HA, proteinogenic amino acid without optical isomers, aliphatic sulfur-containing, proteinogenic AUA, vitamin C.

The drug is used for:

  • susceptible to external influences, peeling, prone to irritation of the skin;
  • dryness, lethargy, sagging, dehydration;
  • folds at various stages;
  • scars.

It is allowed to be used in conjunction with acid peeling and during surgical interventions.


Bottle 5 ml. The structure of the drug: vitamin C, HA, carnitine.

Applies to:

  1. Noticeable lipid deposits, together with the process of gradual disruption and loss of important body functions.
  2. Excess adipose tissue.
  3. With the formation of “orange peel” on the skin.
  4. Reduction of tissue elasticity after elimination of local accumulations of subcutaneous fat.


Mesolift, which is used to eliminate the main causes of aging. The course use of the drug provides an improvement in skin elasticity and tone.

Five milliliter bottle, which includes: HA 2 ml, tripeptide, aliphatic sulfur-containing amino acid, ascorbic acid.

Used for:

  • the process of gradual disruption and loss of important body functions;
  • acne;
  • violation of skin elasticity.

Contraindications and side effects

Contraindicated in:

  1. Poor blood clotting.
  2. ARI and SARS.
  3. tumors.
  4. Pregnancy and feeding.
  5. Chronic diseases.
  6. Allergies.

With biorevitalization, the following complications may occur:

  • overflow of blood vessels of the circulatory system;
  • puffiness;
  • itching, irritation;
  • limited accumulation of blood;
  • pain sensations;
  • deterioration in skin color.

The use of funds occurs exclusively in beauty parlors or other special medical organizations. The price of the biorevitalization procedure in any institution will differ, in addition, the treatment is carried out in a course that includes three to five sessions.

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