Hyaluronic acid: properties and uses

Dear ladies! Let’s talk about our feminine dignity – beauty! The beauty of which part of our body usually worries us a lot? Of course the faces. Usually in the morning we look at ourselves in the mirror, sometimes what we see there does not quite please us. And why? Probably we are doing something wrong, or we are not doing anything at all, or we do not have enough information. Let’s deal with this issue.

Let’s start with the fact that beautiful facial skin depends on our internal physical and mental health. The outside always reflects the inside. If we are all right with this, then we can begin to improve our appearance, the condition of our skin.

Hyaluronic acid – what is it?

Let’s talk about such a miracle for our skin as hyaluronic acid. Why a miracle? What is the reason for its miraculous properties? The definition of hyaluronic acid, in terms of science, is that it is a complex sugar molecule that is present in our body, mainly in the skin and helps skin proteins (collagen and elastin) to maintain their shape. In other words, hyaluronic acid is a kind of moisture controller in our skin, which helps maintain elasticity, firmness, and tone. Thanks to this, the skin becomes beautiful, healthy and young. Collagen and elastin are skin proteins. Collagen fibers are fixed with elastin. It affects the beauty of our skin.

What does hyaluronic acid do? It spreads between the collagen and elastin molecules, filling the space and holding the protein fibers in the correct position. The appearance of our skin speaks for itself – is there enough hyaluronic acid or not. How does this happen? If the skin is taut, firm, elastic, then there is enough acid. If the oval of the face is not clear (“floating”), and the skin is sluggish, wrinkles appear – this indicates a lack of hyaluronic acid. Its quantity decreases after 25 years under the influence of harmful environmental factors (aggressive environment, bad habits, unhealthy diet). In these cases, the acid becomes less or it loses its ability to retain moisture.

Miraculous properties of acid

Hyaluronic acid is hydrophilic – “loving” water, so it can:

  • bind and hold water molecules, it can be compared to a sponge that absorbs water (in this case, to keep it in the skin);
  • reduce the process of evaporation of moisture from the skin;
  • perform the protective function of the skin (against infections);
  • influence the activity of cells;
  • help neutralize free radicals (they are the main culprits of skin aging);
  • promote faster healing of wounds;

From all of the above, however, we can say that this is a miracle! Let’s move on!

Where is hyaluronic acid used?

Various applications of the acid can be found in the springs. It is needed not only in cosmetology, relying on its main property – to retain and retain moisture, acid is also used in medicine, when creating dietary supplements, which, along with other useful substances, contain acid. Let’s consider in more detail.

Hyaluronic acid in cosmetology

It can be found in many cosmetic products, such as creams, shampoos, balms, etc. This use is associated with the ability to create a film on the surface of the skin that prevents dehydration and allows the skin to breathe.

In cosmetology, acids are used as materials for injections, with their help you can:

  • remove wrinkles;
  • correct nasolabial folds;
  • make lips more voluminous;
  • change the contour of the face.

However, you need to take into account some points and follow the rules in order to avoid negative consequences:

  • if hyaluronic acid is injected frequently, the skin may become accustomed to stop producing its own acid. To avoid this, an acid dose of 0.01 to 1% is recommended.
  • use only proven, professional, certified cosmetics.

There are “crushed molecules” or so-called low molecular weight compounds. In this form, the acid penetrates better into the skin, into its deep layer – the dermis. Thanks to the “crushed molecules” of hyaluronic acid, the effectiveness of the products in which it is contained increases.

The use of hyaluronic acid in medicine

It is used in the treatment of burns, wounds, in eye surgery. Dietary supplements, which contain low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, collagen, elastin (the latter enhance the effect of hyaluronic acid) are also used. When using dietary supplements together with cosmetics, the effect increases several times. In addition to improving appearance, it has a beneficial effect on overall health, due to the fact that hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the articular cartilage and ligaments. It has been noticed that those women who take care of their appearance, use high-quality cosmetics and take dietary supplements, the composition of which contains hyaluronic acid, do not experience problems with the joints. This suggests that a beautiful appearance depends on internal health.

Before you manipulate your body and appearance, consult with a specialist in the field that interests you.

Remember the result of our actions in relation to health and beauty in our face! Be beautiful, healthy, happy!

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