“I looked bad”: Regina Todorenko told what prompted her to love herself

Regina Todorenko on her Instagram page addresses girls and girls who are ashamed to show their bodies, and they develop a huge number of complexes in themselves.

Regina says that once she also had complexes about her breasts, pigmentation and malocclusion. The girl was embarrassed to go out in a bathing suit, because she did not at all correspond to the accepted parameters of beauty.

Todorenko writes that she has changed and body positivity helped her in this. It is a great happiness to accept yourself for who you are. At the same time, Regina regularly takes care of her body, eats healthy food, and develops on a spiritual level.

Regina is sure that if everything is in order in a person’s head, his body is in good shape, then no standards and patterns are important for him.

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The most sincere comments were from mothers who, despite the birth of children, were able to love their bodies.

“I used to be shy too! But after the birth of her peaches, she fell in love with her body and herself! Once Amirka told me, while I was looking in the mirror: “Mom, you are so beautiful!” From that day on, I am the best for myself, ”Sevil shares.

In support of her words, Regina poses in a beautiful swimsuit that flaunts all her past complexes. But judging by the way Todorenko looks, all her past experiences were useless. She is wonderful!

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