Interesting monochrome images for New Year’s Eve 2021

An outfit created on the basis of one color looks beautiful, stretches the silhouette and attracts the attention of others (after all, you constantly want to consider its details). Playing with different textures of fabrics, you can achieve the maximum depth of the image. If you correctly compose a monochrome bow for New Year’s Eve, it will leave only pleasant impressions and memories.

Interesting images with a skirt

Pleated skirts are back in fashion. The midi length has gained immense popularity. It suits girls with any type of figure, the main thing is to correctly combine the skirt with other things.

If you add a neat plain sweater or blouse to it, you get a romantic look. It is better to complement it with pumps with heels, boots or ankle boots to match. Ideally, if there is a coat of a suitable color. As accessories, you can use a bracelet on your hand or a scarf tied instead of an elastic band on your hair. The outfit conveys warmth, lightness and comfort.

Another stylish option to create an image is a leather skirt. She is still on trend. It goes with anything, the main rule is a light, not overloaded with details upper. Nude outfit looks very interesting. Example: a light turtleneck, a beige leather skirt with a slit, a matching coat and white over the knee boots. The bottom turns out to be verbose and saturated, so you should not experiment with accessories (minimalist decorations are acceptable).

A continuous line is visually created, which will advantageously hide unnecessary volumes and add growth.

A light, flowing skirt (or dress) looks good paired with an elongated sweater. Such a duet creates a good, even soaring mood. The owner of the image will feel cozy and comfortable. A variety of accessories will suit – from classic style to drama.

Holiday Skinny

It is generally accepted that skinny pants are an element of everyday wardrobe. But this is easy to dispute. If you add a wraparound blouse with a different texture, such as satin, you get a more complex and festive look. Pair with a trench coat, cardigan or coat for layering. Pumps or suede boots in the same color scheme will look good.

Monochrome look with wide leg pants

Wide trousers tucked into boots are an option for real fashionistas. On this basis, you can create a stylish monochrome bow. In combination with a shirt or sweater, the image will be concise and interesting. Color transition looks good. To do this, you should play with them: go down from lighter to darker and vice versa. Accessories are selected so that the upper part is not boring, but at the same time does not take all the attention to itself.

Jeans at the New Year’s party

If a girl is confident enough in herself, appreciates comfort and does not pay attention to the opinions of others, she can dress in jeans from head to toe on New Year’s Eve. In the fashion world, this look is called total denim. At the moment, it is considered a trendy and stylish solution. This outfit looks equally good with both rough boots and feminine boots.

Image of white things

Next year’s patron is the White Metal Ox, so dressing in a snow-white outfit will come in handy. The image will come out interesting and festive if you use the principle of layering.

A cardigan should be worn over a turtleneck or blouse with a collar. The line will continue with white trousers and boots. You can add any outerwear: an elongated jacket, raincoat or coat. It is recommended to place accents, for example, a belt at the waist and casually peeking shirt sleeves.

High checkered pants with a shirt, an elongated jacket and a fur vest are great. The image looks holistic and attractive.

Image using black

Total black is a classic of monochrome outfits. In no way does it look gloomy or a solid black spot. To do this, use 2-3 fabric textures and shades.

A satin blouse with shiny inserts looks interesting in itself. In an ensemble with a velvet suit, they create a deep and rich look. You can add sparkling accessories, black boots or pumps.

Monochrome in clothes looks very attractive.

It is enough to know the main principles and secrets – then creating a stylish New Year’s look will not be a difficult task.

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