Interesting nail design 2020

In one article, we tried to collect all the most interesting nail design ideas of the 2020 season. Surely, among the variety of trends, you will pick up nail art to your liking!

scarlet color

Choosing a beautiful and fashionable color is already half the battle for a flawless manicure. In the 2020 season, fashion trends suggest paying close attention to design options with red color, which look equally harmonious on different lengths of plates. The scarlet palette can also conquer the fact that a manicure with it in the title role can turn out to be both elegant and eccentric.

In the new season, when performing red nail art, you can adopt the relevance of abstract, geometric and “naked” design. An exquisite and stylish manicure is guaranteed to work if you connect any sparkling decor to the decoration of the nails, be it rhinestones, kamifubuki, foil or glitter.


Bright colors

It is easy to create an expressive and relevant manicure if you take one of the trendy representatives of the bright palette as its basis. So, in the 2020 season, yellow, orange, light green, azure or hot pink shades are especially popular. Even if you rely on a minimalistic design, it promises to look interesting and stylish.

If you find it difficult to decide on a single favorite among the juicy range, you can even use all the colors of the rainbow in your stylish manicure. Such a curious principle can be embodied in the form of multi-colored marigolds in a plain design. It is also acceptable to use combinations of several bright colors at once as accents on a pair of marigolds, as in the photo.

A fashionable idea for using bright polish in the 2020 season is to combine it with a matte top. Such a final touch will give the manicure completeness, elegance and trend reading in the best possible way.

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Another universal recipe for creating interesting nail art in the 2020 season is to combine any natural texture with sparkling accents. Of course, stylish foil in metallized design remains out of competition. It can be used to emphasize the texture pattern or as fashionable stripes on the rest of the nails.


If you are looking for the most original manicure in the 2020 season, you can pay attention to the voluminous drops of contrasting varnish. Quite often, this fresh technique is used in the design of a jacket.


In the 2020 season, the best ideas for interesting design can be found among the direction of abstraction. This style implies the actual absence of strict rules and restrictions – this means that you can embody any of your fantasies in actual nail art. For example, a stylish manicure may feature multi-colored abstract shapes on a transparent background.


Stamping is a well-known manicure technique, but modern fashionistas do not get tired of coming up with new variations on this theme. For example, in the 2020 season, the design loudly declared itself, in which various motifs in multi-colored performance appear. It will be possible to realize such an idea even at home – for this, however, you will have to acquire special stamps.

Bright accent

In the 2020 season, the principle of creating an emphasis on one nail on each hand does not go by the wayside. If when designing the rest of the plates you prefer a laconic design, then when accentuating, you can choose the most unusual and extraordinary technique. For example, you can take note of the popularity of the “unicorn tear” technique using foil. Inscriptions and drawings with additional volumetric decor will also look stylish.

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The real highlight of the trendy manicure 2020 can be your own fingerprint in a contrasting background shade. This is undoubtedly a creative novelty, which is just beginning to gain momentum in popularity.

Black and white motifs

An interesting nail design that will suit even short nails in the 2020 season is the contrasting combination of black and white polish. In fashionable nail art, geometric or avant-garde motifs can be indicated, as well as a fresh reading of French or moon manicure.

[stextbox id=’info’]The key condition for the effectiveness and expressiveness of such a design is the clarity of the lines. To achieve the embodiment of this quality, you can use stencils. The main thing is to patiently wait for the drying of each individual layer.[/stextbox]

New french

Fashionable manicure 2020 with a design may look like this. A stylish novelty involves the design of a jacket familiar to everyone with a smile of unusual shape and color. Undoubtedly, the combination of a nude base with bright tips is beyond competition in the new season. Even neon polishes in this expression will look quite versatile and stylish. Be sure to try!

negative space

The most unusual manicure can also be inspired by the creative manifestations of the “negative space” technique, which implies the presence of transparent areas in the design. In the new season, there are no strict rules when using such a novelty, which means that you can turn around as much as possible in the manifestation of your imagination.

large sequins

Small crumbly glitter has featured in the design of fashionable manicure for several seasons in a row, so no one can be surprised by such a decor today. But you can use a fresh move – large sequins that look stylish and non-trivial. A fashionista can combine such jewelry with miniature sparkling particles and embody a stylish stretch in nail art. A common technique is the filling of several nails with large sparkles as original accents.


Many readers will surely agree with the fact that miniature rhinestones can already look rather mediocre in nail art. If you want to give your manicure an individual character, you can use curly decorative elements or combinations of multi-colored rhinestones or decor of various diameters. Such decorations will look beautiful in the design of delicate and feminine compositions – for example, butterflies or flowers.


The fashion trends of the 2020 season invite you to focus on interesting nail designs featuring kamifubuki. Such decor can be large sequins of a wide variety of shapes. So, in the trendy interesting design of 2020, accents in the form of circles, stars, celestial bodies, hearts and geometric shapes lit up. Most often, kamifubuki are applied to the plate in the form of a kind of gradient with a decrease in the amount of decor.


Creative and interesting design in the 2020 season can be based on various combinations of different techniques in one manicure. Fashionistas are allowed to come up with any duets that will look harmonious and …

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