Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

Is it bad to wash your hair every day? This question is asked by the entire beautiful half of the population, but there is no concrete answer to this question.

Some experts say that it is absolutely impossible to wash your hair every day, because the fat is washed off the hair and scalp. Subsequently, the skin produces even more sebum, which makes the hair dirty faster. In addition, if you had a hairstyle and you need to wash off the varnish and other styling products, then you just need to wash your hair. Other experts say that washing your hair every day does not harm either the structure of the hair or the scalp. But it will not be superfluous to wash your hair every day for those people who live in big cities or industrial areas of the city. Throughout the day, their hair is affected by harmful substances that settle with the air, and these harmful substances must be washed off at the end of the day, that is, wash your hair. Well, other people can, easily, determine whether daily hair washing suits them or not. What to do in such cases, whom to listen to?

How to determine whether it is necessary to wash your hair every day?

In order to know if daily shampooing is right for you, it is important to determine the type of hair, because each person and his body is individual. It will take a little time to determine the type, because many factors affect the health of the hair. The most important factors are: heredity, nutrition, scalp health, the state of internal organs. Well, after that there are many external factors (such as climate) and hair care products.

After observing your hair in everyday life, you can easily determine the type of your hair. This will help you find the right care for them.

hair types

Now in more detail about the types of hair and how to care for them, as mentioned above, each human body is individual and naturally the structure of the hair is different for everyone.

Hair is divided into 3 types:

  • dry
  • normal
  • fatty
  • damaged, which in their properties and care features are similar to dry hair.

Normal to oily hair

In order to properly care for normal hair you need:

  1. Wash with shampoo, for normal hair, as it gets dirty.
  2. Use conditioner after every wash.
  3. The balm should be applied once a week. Choosing a balm is also necessary for normal hair.

Water baths are necessary for oily hair as it gets dirty in order to keep it clean and in good, well-groomed condition. To date, modern shampoos are so lightweight that they allow you to wash your hair without harm to your hair and are not addictive. As a rule, shampoo and balm for oily hair should be chosen according to their type, that is, shampoo (balm) for oily hair.

Dry and damaged hair care

Dry hair needs to be washed very thoroughly, using a softening repair shampoo for damaged hair, which gives them as many nutrients as the hair needs. This shampoo mainly contains various useful substances. Because of these substances, the hair becomes elastic, shine appears, the hair is moisturized, and these substances also protect the hair from the harmful effects of the environment. For dry hair, it is important to use nourishing regenerating shampoos, as well as healing balms. The mask, which will supply the hair with nutrients, must be used once or twice a week.

For damaged hair, specialized nourishing masks, wraps, shampoos and therapeutic hair balms are used, similar in composition to products for dry hair. To make dry and damaged hair shine with beauty, you can buy masks in professional stores, or you can use self-preparation products (traditional medicine). Effect: clean hair, and in addition to clean hair, additional nutrients and stimulation of the blood circulation of the scalp. Traditional medicine also gives a good result.

Dry and damaged hair categorically cannot be washed every day, unlike other types of hair. Everyday washing of already damaged hair destroys the hair structure and dries out the scalp, and dandruff appears due to dry skin. Such hair should be washed once every 7-10 days.

Combined hair type

In other words, the combined (mixed) type of hair is oily hair at the roots and dry at the tips. Combination hair care should be specific. Hair masks are chosen for oily hair types, and shampoos are chosen for dry hair types. For mixed hair types, there are no universal “body and hair” products, which are more like a shower gel than a shampoo with nutrients. Such funds can be called travel when you cannot afford to take several bottles with you. It is better to change the shampoo to a milder one. It is good if it is a special shampoo with herbal ingredients.

Hair Care Tips for All Types

For the health and beauty of hair, you need not only a good shampoo and high-quality balm, but also following some rules:

  1. Soft water (meaning boiled water).
  2. Comb your hair thoroughly before washing.
  3. Warm water (not lower than 35 degrees, but not too hot).
  4. Thoroughly rinse hair with water after shampoo.
  5. Wash your hair with shampoo twice in one procedure.

Do not forget that the procedure for washing hair is not a simple application and rinsing of shampoo. It is necessary to make massage movements with your fingertips to gently and gently cleanse the scalp and deliver the nutrients that the shampoo contains to the roots of the hair. Note: you should not strain your hands too much, as the movements of the fingers should be soft. Also, do not scratch the scalp with your nails, this will only cause more damage. Balm and other moisturizers, unlike shampoo, should not be applied to the ends of the hair and scalp. Drying your hair is important. Of course, it is better to dry your hair naturally, and not with a hairdryer, so you can avoid overdrying your hair.

Based on the information provided, we can say that washing your hair is a purely individual process, but washing your hair every day does not cause much harm. In principle, you can wash your hair every day, but of course you don’t need to approach this fanatically, everything has its time. After all, our hair is very sensitive to any changes, not only to changes from the outside, but also to changes inside us, inside our body. We can say that hair reflects our inner state.

In conclusion, I would like to say that beautiful hair is the key to success….

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