Is it possible to drink raw eggs and what is the use of it

Today they have become the subject of the most lively discussion not only among doctors, but also among ordinary people. Some scream about the undoubted benefits of raw eggs for every person, others explain this as nothing more than a publicity stunt. How to figure out if there are benefits from raw eggs or not? This article will tell dear readers about this. Having received all the necessary information, you yourself can decide whether you need to drink raw eggs or not, whether they are harmful or beneficial.

What does a raw egg contain

This is a real storehouse of vitamins and trace elements necessary for life, as well as proteins and fats of animal origin. Nature has created an ideal composition for the life of not only the chickens themselves, but also animals that eat raw eggs in the wild. Therefore, those who eat raw eggs are satiated with the necessary substances for a long period of time, which helps them to be satiated in a short time and not need other food for a long time.

For a person, raw eggs are also useful, especially in conditions of a long stay without food. There are cases when children lost in the forest ate raw eggs of wild birds, thanks to which they were able to survive in the wild. They also helped scientists, who were running out of food, and needed strength to go further. In addition, due to their high nutritional value and calorie content, they gave quick satiety and blocked the feeling of hunger for a long time.

Not chicken, but goose eggs are considered the most useful, but due to their high calorie content, they are not always advised to be taken raw. In second place are duck and turkey eggs, and only in third place are chicken. Here’s what’s in a regular raw egg:

  • virtually all major vitamins and minerals except vitamin C;
  • niacin – a substance that is involved in the formation of sex hormones and is necessary for the nutrition of the brain;
  • choline – which not only improves memory and blood supply to the brain, but also removes poisons from the liver;
  • vitamin D, which is more abundant except in fish oil, known for its anti-rickets properties;
  • various types of fats that are good for heart activity. It is they who not only provide a high calorie content of this product, but also allow a person to go without food for a long time, which is important for those who are forced to do this. So a chicken egg can be called a complete food product, which in a short time allows you to provide the human body with the necessary nutrients.

Who Should Eat Raw Eggs First?

In the old days, they were given to sickly and debilitated children who often fell ill or suffered from diseases such as consumption or pulmonary tuberculosis. They were also given to children suffering from anorexia or those who had to go without food for a long time, for example, homeless children or those who got lost in an unfamiliar area.

There are cases when raw eggs helped to recover from infections and even extinguished foci of pulmonary tuberculosis, especially in young children. Therefore, in the post-war period, almost all Soviet children had a mandatory breakfast with a raw egg with bread crumbs, a soft-boiled egg or in a bag, and in the villages they still feed babies with raw eggs so that they grow up strong and efficient.

Today, many doctors advise taking raw eggs for weakened people who have suffered serious infectious diseases, as well as “victims of improper weight loss” – anorexics, as an adjunct in combination with restorative therapy. True, in their use there are several nuances that you need to know for those who are going to eat raw eggs.

About singers and athletes

For a long time it was believed that raw eggs improve the quality of the voice. This opinion was held in many conservatories in Italy, so opera singers often consumed raw eggs before performances. This myth exists today among singers, both opera and pop. Many singers drink raw eggs before each performance, which is no longer entirely justified today, and here’s why:

  1. Raw eggs really help to sing better, but it is very doubtful to awaken the voice in this way. This is because they soften the mucous membrane of the throat and increase the elasticity of the vocal cords, but they cannot awaken the voice. Therefore, those who drink raw eggs before a performance or competition are committing a useless act.
  2. At the time the myth of raw eggs to improve the voice emerged, there simply were no other means to soften the vocal cords. Therefore, they were used before performances to remove a sore throat or soften a cough a little. But today there are many other remedies on the shelves of pharmacies that not only temporarily relieve the symptoms of a cold, but also treat minor inflammations or remove hoarseness. But they should be used only when it is impossible to cancel the performance, therefore, in such cases, they use a phonogram or special acoustic means, thanks to which the voice sounds beautiful even for a very cold performer.

Athletes are advised to drink raw eggs to build muscle and quickly recuperate after exhausting workouts.

But this is necessary for those who do not strive to lose weight, since raw eggs are much more nutritious than cooked ones. Therefore, they are not advised to use for those who want to lose weight.

The myth of quail eggs

An interesting version is about a popular product – quail eggs. According to manufacturers, they are much healthier than chicken and can replace food for the whole day. You could call it a half-truth. Yes, quail eggs are healthy, but they cannot replace a full breakfast, lunch and dinner, so rumors that they have some unique properties or can become an alternative to regular food are another myth whose goal is to sell as many of their products as possible. . In addition, they are often sold without permission and sanitary inspection, which can be unsafe.

What is the difference between a raw egg and a cooked one and why is it healthier

  1. Raw eggs are better digested. Many people, especially those who grew up in the countryside, still cannot get used to cooked eggs. Moreover, they can cause mild diarrhea and heaviness in the stomach. This is confirmed by modern nutritionists. Raw eggs are easier to digest by the body of any person than cooked ones. They gently envelop the gastric mucosa and help relieve suffering even in acute and chronic gastritis with high acidity.
  2. There are fewer vitamins and nutrients in the cooked egg. The fact is that many of them are destroyed during any heat treatment, or are absorbed worse …

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