Is it possible to wash with soap

When it comes to skin care, the most discussed topic is how to properly cleanse it. But this is logical, because everyone knows that clean skin is the key to health and a fresh look.

Many cosmetologists say that simple soap is very harmful to the skin. But if you delve into this topic, you can see that soap, soap is different.

In ordinary soap, fats make up about 20%, everything else is alkaline. Given that our skin is normally in an acidic environment. It is acid that helps us fight bacteria that are caused by inflammation of the skin. Alkali destroys the natural defenses, while weakening the immunity of the skin. In addition, it dries the skin and causes peeling. Often when washing with soap, it dries oily skin a lot, and you can say nothing about dry skin at all. But as mentioned earlier, there are different types of soap.

To date, there is a very large selection of brands of soap, which not only can be washed, but they are very useful and created for washing. These soaps are generally soap-free, meaning they do not contain alkaline ingredients. They include – herbal extracts, oils, other components that foam in contact with water. Such brands of soap are produced by companies such as Uriage, Nuxe, Bioderma and Clinique. A distinctive feature of this soap is the ability to choose a soap for any type of skin. These gentle products, highly enriched with natural ingredients, do not irritate or dry the skin.

When choosing a soap, you need to make sure that it has a mark that does not contain alkali and has a neutral acid-base balance.

More affordable soap can be bought in ordinary stores. These are honey, glycerin, cream – soap, they also contain softening components. But washing with soap is possible only for persons who are not particularly sensitive. In turn, cosmetologists advise to pay attention to liquid soap for washing, and best of all to special gels, mousses, foams. They are easy to pick up, as they are created for skin care.

Most women who have learned not to wash their faces with soap do not use it at all. At the same time, they remove their makeup with milk or cream, believing that they have sufficiently cleansed the skin. But cosmetologists advise after such cleansing to wash with plain water, since the skin of the face was not completely cleansed.

Evening wash with cleanser is essential for all face types. At the same time, it is better to do it the same as coming home from work, and not at night. You should not apply road paint on yourself, coupled with dust, sebum. If this is all about the gas stove, then the pollution during the heat will be absorbed even deeper into the skin, while it can cause inflammation and irritation. As for the morning wash, it is necessary for everyone who has oily skin. But with sensitive and dry skin type, you should wash your face only with tonic after sleep.

Tar soap deserves a separate discussion. Most cosmetologists and doctors say that if there are any skin problems, namely acne, blackheads, this is a good way out of the situation. Is it possible to wash with this type of soap?

This should be decided by everyone. Since this soap contains a very large amount of alkali, it is very aggressive and dries the skin very much. But it is with the help of this property that you can get rid of inflammation of acne, acne on oily skin. A large number of positive reviews leads us to the idea of ​​using tar soap as a therapy. Only at the same time, it is seriously necessary to monitor the condition of the skin and, after taking it, moisturize it with a cream or tonic, otherwise severe peeling will occur.

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