Is it worth giving the child to the modeling business? Opinion of model Thalia Shvedova.

I think that it is worth giving the child to modeling. This is a great opportunity for both girls and boys to travel, see the world, learn a foreign language, find out how other countries and peoples live. Working with the best representatives of the fashion industry is beneficial, helps in the development of the child. Personally, I went to modeling school out of curiosity, for the sake of excitement, to see what happens. But we have different children. There were girls and not model appearance. They did not make a modeling career, but they learned a lot: from the basics of makeup and personal care to the basics of etiquette, the ability to walk in heels and dress properly. It just seems that any girl is born with good taste and sense of style. In fact, this is not so.

As a 15 year old teenager, it was very interesting for me to study. I enjoyed spending time there, unlike some of my peers who hung around after school.

I believe that if a child has even the slightest prerequisites for modeling, both external and internal, you need to give him the opportunity to try. You never know for sure what might come of it. What if the girl becomes a star, conquers, for example, the Asian market, becomes famous and earns decent money? And see the world at the same time!

For me, traveling was almost the main incentive and motive to go into modeling. I am from a modest ordinary family, and if I had the opportunity to travel around countries and continents, if I didn’t go to a modeling school then, it’s not known. Thanks to my profession, I have traveled half the world!

Now I have acquaintances, friends, connections in every country. Wherever I go, I have a place to stay and someone to see the sights with! The fact that today I live in New York, I know English well, this is only thanks to modeling.

I am all for giving children to this business. It is clear that parents are worried, worried about how the child will feel in unfamiliar conditions, away from home. But you need to understand that no one will take your daughter or son immediately abroad. Before that, it still has to come. It all starts with castings and local filming. And you can get into trouble living at home, right? It all depends on upbringing.

Taliya Shvedova, model

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