“It’s not always easy for me”: Anna Tsukanova-Kott spoke about the struggle with herself

Anna Tsukanova-Kott talks about the struggle with herself on her Instagram page.

Anna writes that this struggle is a daily one for her. She forces herself to overcome laziness and do what she planned to achieve her goal: eat right, learn new things, exercise, sort garbage, and most importantly, be honest with herself.

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Anna complains that sometimes she wants to be tempted by her favorite chocolates, buns and just do nothing. And sometimes she easily refuses all this, knowing that she needs to overcome herself in order to be stronger, healthier tomorrow, respect her body and body.

Anna is interested in subscribers, they also believe that you need to deny yourself everything and thus fight for yourself, or indulge in pleasures and relax.

“I have exactly the same struggle with myself, every day! But I know that it will not last long, so everything should be in moderation and food, and drink, and laziness and all other temptations, I learned to dose them, ”Natalie writes.

“I understand you for all 100, just like every day there is a struggle with yourself. Either I don’t want to do exercises, but I get up and do it, then I really really want cakes and so on. But I beat myself on the hands, knowing about gastritis and I go to eat something useful, for example, porridge, ”Natasha supports.

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