Japanese diet for 14 days

This diet has already found so many supporters and admirers, has caused as many positive reviews as, perhaps, no other diet has caused. People who have built and become prettier with the help of it can be found in any country, but they all have one thing in common – gratitude to its creator.

The Japanese diet is distinguished by a variety of products, contributes to the regulation of metabolism in the body, and is also good because the effect of it remains for a long time even after the cessation of such a diet, about two to three years. You can lose weight by following the menu below for fourteen days by seven to nine kilograms.

Since this diet is based on the absence of salt in food, you can get rid of excess fluid in the body, due to which edema is formed. The diet absolutely does not involve such carbon-containing products as horns, buns and fresh bread.

Actually, you eat only healthy and nutritious foods, and exclude not quite healthy foods from your diet for these two weeks. The menu must be observed exactly, then the result will not keep you waiting. During all two weeks, it is necessary to limit to a minimum, otherwise, to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages to zero, so if you are going to celebrate any grandiose event, it is better to postpone the start of the diet to a later date.

Between meals it is allowed to drink tea without sugar and mineral water. Prepare all the products from the menu list in advance so as not to be nervous again and so as not to inadvertently eat something that is not included in the diet of the day.

Japanese diet menu

So, the exact and non-deviating diet menu developed by Japanese scientists is as follows:

  • On the first day, we drink coffee without sugar as breakfast, for lunch we eat 2 hard-boiled eggs, coleslaw with vegetable oil, drink a glass of tomato juice, but without salt. We have dinner with fish and the same salad.
  • We start the second day by drinking a glass of coffee and eating a cracker, for lunch we eat boiled or fried unsalted fish with cabbage salad. We have dinner with boiled beef in the amount of 200 gr., drink a glass of kefir.
  • On the third day for breakfast – coffee, for lunch – three carrots with vegetable oil. Boil carrots. Here we eat 150 gr. hard cheese, we dine with apples in unlimited quantities.
  • On the fourth day, we drink coffee in the morning, at lunch we eat apples plus parsnip or parsley root, fried in vegetable oil, we have dinner with two hard-boiled eggs, we eat cabbage salad and 200 gr. beef.
  • We start the fifth day with a salad of raw grated carrots seasoned with lemon juice. At lunch we eat no more than 500 gr. fish, drink tomato juice – all again without salt. We have salad and fish for dinner.
  • On the sixth day for breakfast – the same coffee, for lunch we boil chicken about 500 gr., But not fillet, and have dinner with carrots with vegetable oil and two hard-boiled eggs.
  • The seventh day – for breakfast we have tea, for lunch we boil 200 gr. beef and eat any fruit except bananas, have dinner with any dinner option, with the exception of the dinner menu of the third day.
  • Starting from the eighth day, we go in reverse order, that is, the eighth day is the menu of the seventh day, the ninth day is the menu of the sixth day, etc.

The trick is that this diet does not make the one who sits on it starve – this is firstly. Secondly, you get all the nutrients without limiting yourself either in meat or fish, or in dairy or protein products, or in vegetables or fruits. You just eat everything without salt.

Like this. Simple and tasteful. Enjoy your meal! Slim mood!

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