Japanese manicure

Cherry blossoms, meditation, calm, relaxing music – all this came into our lives from mysterious Japan. Currently, manicure studios offer many procedures that have their origins in Japanese culture. Many courses offer to learn a special technique that is used only in Japan. So what are the benefits, and how is a Japanese manicure done.

Using a special table, the nail is diagnosed, for each client, referring to the diagnostic results, individual cosmetic procedures are determined.

After carrying out special procedures for the improvement of the nail, an inexpensive manicurist proceeds directly to the manicure procedure itself.

The nail plate is moisturized with a special serum with cucumber extract. After the moisturizing procedure is carried out, the stage of strengthening the nail plate begins, it is because of the sequence of procedures that the nail receives the necessary restorative effect.

Training courses that study helium nail extension will tell you in more detail all the nuances of Japanese manicure.

And so, to strengthen the nail, serum with crushed, natural pearls is used. This serum prevents the delamination of the nail plate.

For the Japanese procedure, ceramic nail files and a rice block are used. The nail is gently polished with a block of calfskin.

So who does the manicurist advise to try the Japanese procedure – for everyone, both for women and for men. This extraordinary procedure is a must-try, just like nail extensions in the salon.

Training in the wisdom of the Japanese style is conducted by highly professional specialists. And all the necessary tools and tools for the procedure can be purchased at a specialized cosmetics store, why not try this amazing new product right now.

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