Jojoba oil for face

Jojoba is a fairly large shrub. Its height can reach three meters. This plant grows in hot and dry countries (Mexico, Arizona). Large reddish fruits ripen on the shrub – nuts that have a sour taste. The fruits are harvested by hand. Jojoba fruits have a tonic property, they are used when the cough is dry and also to relieve the symptoms of nausea. Jojoba fruits are half wax, which is jojoba oil. The fruits also contain amino acids, proteins and collagen.

Jojoba use

In Asian countries (Japan, China), jojoba fruits are widely used in cooking. A variety of spicy spices are prepared from them, and they are also used to make desserts.

Using cold pressing, oil is extracted from the jojoba fruit. The oil has the structure of liquid wax. Due to many useful properties, jojoba oil is widely used in cosmetology.

Features of Jojoba Oil

Liquid wax (oil) jojoba has a golden color, viscous and thick, almost odorless. The oil is rich in protein, namely the protein is necessary in order to give the skin of the face firmness and elasticity. Also, jojoba oil contains many vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the rapid regeneration of the skin, and protects it from peeling, treats psoriasis and various types of dermatitis, and helps get rid of acne. These are the few properties of oil – jojoba wax, thanks to which it has become indispensable in modern cosmetology.

Oil results

A characteristic feature of the oil is that it can be used for any type of skin. As mentioned earlier, the oil perfectly nourishes the skin. Therefore, it is especially recommended to use it if you have dry, sagging or aging skin.

If you have sensitive skin (the skin has irritation, red spots or itching), then using jojoba oil, you can quickly deal with skin problems.

Applying oil on oily skin, you can get rid of acne or blackheads. If you do not have skin problems, then the oil can be used to prevent skin problems.

Often, jojoba oil is used to improve the condition of the skin around the eyes. The skin becomes elastic, wrinkles disappear. The use of oil as a face care product activates all the processes that take place in skin cells.

Jojoba Oil Recipes

It should be noted that pure jojoba oil is applied only to problem areas (pimples, blackheads, red spots, chapped lips). The skin around the eyes is very elastic and delicate, so in this area you should not apply the oil in its pure form.

In cosmetology, oil is used as an additive to masks and creams. Cosmetics for the face with the use of oil can be prepared independently.

Anti-wrinkle mask

It can be used for any type of skin. But it has a particularly positive effect on dry and aging skin. Mix equal parts jojoba oil and avocado oil. Apply the mask gently on the face. After twenty to twenty-five minutes, remove the remnants of the mask from the face with a cotton swab. This mask is applied to the face every day.

Firming mask with jojoba oil

This mask is used to restore firmness and elasticity to the skin. Also, the use of this mask has a beneficial effect and accelerates the healing of various skin lesions on the face. Heat jojoba oil in a water bath. Add rosemary oil and mint oil to warm oil. Shake everything well. Apply the mask to the face (except for the skin near the eyes) with a thin layer. After half an hour, remove the remaining mask with a swab.

Nourishing mask

The mask is well suited for those who have normal or dry skin on their face. Heat jojoba oil a little in a water bath. Add honey there (do not remove the dishes from the water bath). When the honey has melted, mix all the ingredients well and remove from the water bath. Cool the mixture and add the egg yolk to it. Shake everything thoroughly again. Treat the face with a mask. After five to eight minutes, apply the mask a second time. Remove the remaining mask after a quarter of an hour with a swab, which can be pre-moistened with chamomile decoction. The mask is used twice a week.

Dot mask

Recommended for problematic skin (if the skin has acne or blackheads). Mix jojoba oil with tea tree oil and lavender oil. Mix all the components of the mask well. This mask is applied to the face. Apply the mask to the skin twice a day for five to seven days.

Jojoba oil mask for dry skin

It perfectly nourishes and moisturizes dry skin on the face. Mix cottage cheese, it is better if it is fatty and jojoba oil, heated in a water bath. Mix everything and add carrot juice. Mix everything again. Maca is applied to the face for a quarter of an hour and washed off with water.

Night cream

This product is used as a moisturizer. Preparation and use: take one teaspoon of any night cream and add jojoba oil to it. Shake everything and treat the skin on the face. Do not remove the cream at night, but in the morning remove the remaining cream with water. This procedure can be carried out daily.

Makeup remover

Apply jojoba oil to a swab. With this swab, wipe makeup off your face with light and gentle movements.

Lip cream

If the lips are chapped or chapped, then pure jojoba oil can be applied to them. This procedure is carried out daily for a week. Lips will become soft and acquire a beautiful color.

Skin color evening agent

The health status of a woman can be judged by the color of her skin. In order for the skin to acquire a healthy and even color, you can use this tool. Mix jojoba oil and sesame oil with buriti and wheat germ oil. Treat the skin with this product. The procedure can be carried out three times during the week.

The remains of funds with the use of jojoba oil are well stored in the refrigerator. There are no contraindications in the use of preparations containing jojoba oil.

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