Jump rope for weight loss

The issue of losing weight is a question that worries all overweight people. Most of them kill a lot of money and time on different gyms, medicines, special simulators. However, there is a very simple and effective solution – the usual jump rope.

Yes, yes, the jump rope on which you jumped as a child just like that. Find it, and if you can’t find it, then buy a new one, and make a fitness center for beginners at home. You can be sure that the jump rope will certainly help you lose weight no worse, but rather even better, than any popular weight loss diets, since in terms of energy consumption, spending time with a jump rope in your hands shows better results than even jogging, for which you need to choose a place and time, yes and the weather is not always favorable. And with a skipping rope, you can jump at any, free from robots, minute at home.

In addition, cardiologists believe that this original simulator is equal in efficiency to expensive cardio machines. In terms of weight loss specifically, jumping rope can burn around 200 calories in 15 minutes at 100 jumps per minute, in other words, you’ll see gradual weight loss at a slower pace than overweight people can.

If you need to lose a couple of pounds in the legs and hips, then this method, losing weight with the help of jumping rope, is the most effective method known, and its combination with an exercise bike gives an ideal result. Of course, without the latter, you will also notice weight loss in the legs and hips, muscle tone and an increase in their density in the first week of training.

An important fact is also that classes also have a very good effect on health: the work of both the muscular and cardiovascular systems improves, and toxins come out of the body. In general, besides the fact that you are learning a new method of losing weight, during your exercises with a rope, the body will get in shape, and your mood should rise. And if, among other things, you drink strong tea or various herbs for weight loss after a jump rope, the effect may increase even more.

As in any business, you need to build on something. In our case, this is of course the choice of the rope. It’s nice when you don’t get in the way when you’re doing it. It is necessary to choose a rope, the length of which would suit your height, then working with the rope will become easier, the load will become much greater, which means that the process of losing weight will go faster. Rope length 210 cm is suitable for height up to 151 cm, 250 cm – height 151-166 cm, 275 cm – height 166-182 cm, 300 cm – height over 182 cm.

The first lessons should begin with elementary jumps. They should be low, and only the legs, forearms and wrists should be involved in the work, you should fix the torso in one position. In this case, the main load will fall on the muscle groups you need. Initial jumps should be at a moderate pace, which needs to be increased over time.

Only 10-15 minutes a day with a jump rope in your hands and only memories will remain from extra pounds.

As for additional diets for weight loss, it would be better to consult a nutritionist here, because jumping rope is a rather big load, and some rigid diets take quite a lot of strength from the body. By the way, when you start practicing with a skipping rope at home, you can tell your friends, relatives and neighbors that you are doing skipping, and this is what rope training is called.

And this means – forward with skipping for weight loss and excellent results.

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