Jumping rope for weight loss

Have you been wanting to lose weight for a long time, but you just can’t? Do you think running is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight? I now I will tell you about the most effective exercise for weight loss. Strange as it may seem, ordinary things sometimes skillfully hide very amazing things in themselves. Just the same can be said about the jump rope. Have you ever thought that a jump rope can be an excellent and very effective simulator? I think 90% didn’t think about it. But, for example. The International Heart Association considers a skipping rope to be much more effective than a treadmill.

First of all, jumping rope strengthens the cardiovascular system, and develops the respiratory system. Jumping rope eliminates blood stasis, thereby preventing varicose veins.

But the most interesting thing is that jumping rope outperforms swimming and running in terms of calorie dumping. Look, for a whole hour of aerobics, you lose 300-350 calories, and for 15 minutes of jumping rope, you lose about 250 calories.

Therefore, in an hour of training, you can spend 1000 calories, and this is the same number of calories as you would burn with 2 hours of intense strength sports. But you can only do strength training in the gym or buy expensive exercise equipment at home, and for jumping you only need a rope, so jumping rope is an ideal option for home fitness.

In addition to training the heart system and getting rid of extra pounds of fat, you also train the muscles of the buttocks and legs, your muscles will tighten and tone up.
Let’s now analyze the jumping workout plan for weight loss.

To begin with, remember that you must achieve excellent results, and not harm your body. Do light jumping first, about 10-15 minutes a day. Work out with a small load for a week, and then gradually add time to your workouts until the duration of the workout reaches 30 minutes. If 30 minutes is not the limit for you, add an extra minute, but remember to do everything gradually.

But my advice to you, in order to lose weight with the help of jumping rope, one workout per day lasting 30 minutes is enough for you.

And now, so that your workouts are not the same, you can diversify them by using different types of jumps, such as jumping on one leg, with passing forward and backward, crossing the rope, turning around its axis, alternating legs imitating running, reverse movements of the rope.

Before starting a workout, do not forget and do a little warm-up. Pay attention to warming up the joints and muscles of the legs. Decrease the intensity when you finish your workout, because stopping abruptly can harm your body. When there is time left in the workout, you need to slow down and march a little until your heart rate returns to normal.

Once you’ve achieved your desired result, you can cut your workout time down to 14-16 minutes a day to keep you in shape. But remember, if you get more calories than you spend, then such workouts will not help you keep fit, so watch your diet, it should be balanced and healthy.

What jump rope should you choose? This question is very important, because the effectiveness of training depends on its characteristics. Remember that the length of the rope must fully match your height. Well, how to determine the ideal jump rope? Everything is very simple, fold the rope in half and pick it up at chest level, the rope should reach the floor, just get it, and not lie down. You can do this even in the store when buying a jump rope.

Good luck with your training and I wish you the desired result.

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