Kare haircut: back and front view

We will reveal all the secrets and advantages of the famous Kare haircut. In the presented photos – back and front views, side views – all varieties of this stylish haircut. Now it will be much easier to decide which Kare is suitable.


Popular and well-known Kare haircut

This hairstyle has been known since the time of Cleopatra, when rich people – both men and women, wore an even cut of hair and even straight bangs. Now there are so many varieties of this haircut that your eyes run wide, which option to choose.

Kare on the leg

Kare and face type

This haircut can be chosen without hesitation by any girl. Due to the length of the strands, bangs, the way to cut the back of the head and other details, the hairstyle can be made individual and brighten up the flaws:

  • girls with a round and oval face can safely wear a hairstyle without bangs;
  • a high, wide forehead literally requires a bang – but not necessarily even and straight. An elegant long bang can be laid on its side, a daring uneven and torn one will suit any kind of Kare, a short or oblique one will draw attention to the eyes, making the look defiantly bright;

  • a heavy or narrow, pointed chin is brightened up with elongated strands near the face – choose a graduated or elongated Kare;
  • wide, angular, protruding cheekbones can be masked with a short version, distracted from the appearance with an asymmetrical head of hair or brightened up with a volume of a square on a leg;

  • short and slender girls can safely try a short Kare, but tall, with a good noticeable figure, it is better to choose the option with long strands.

Kare and age

Many haircuts have some restrictions on age groups, but all ages are suitable for Kare:

  • young girls dilute the elegance and even severity of haircut lines with informal additions: bright shades of coloring, shaved parts of the head, patterns;

  • young girls and women of a strict and pedantic nature strive for the classics, and, by the way, any variety of this haircut can be laid clearly strand to strand;

  • the most popular now among young women is Bob-kare, classic and graduated Kare;

  • for older women, you can recommend the classic, elongated version, bob and double.

[stextbox id=’info’]Clue. It is better for full and large ladies to choose a longer haircut so that the head does not seem small. At the same time, the bangs should reach the eyebrows, or better, intriguingly partially hide them.[/stextbox]

How to cut Kare

Some women of fashion try to make the usual Kare at home, even with their own hands – there are many videos about this. But, if you choose varieties of this haircut, you need to look for a good master so that the haircut looks luxurious. Then after all, it will be elementary simple to lay it.

Varieties of Kare

To dwell on one of the options for this haircut, you can see photos of haircuts from the back and front, from the side – from all sides.


It is performed on straight and wavy hair. This is an even cut of strands, with or without bangs. Here you can change the length of the strands depending on the desired result: from a short haircut to long strands below the shoulders. The hair looks elegant, even strict, and goes well with business, evening and everyday styles.

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Short Kare

This hairstyle looks most successful on fragile and slender women. The haircut opens the neck and allows you to show off your elegant jewelry if you choose the right outfit.


This hairstyle is created by cutting the strands at an angle so that the back of the head is shorter and the front strands are longer. This hairstyle looks very elegant and feminine, allowing you to create a mysterious image.

Asymmetrical Kare

It is preferable to perform on straight hair, because then the different lengths of the strands on the sides of the face will be as noticeable as possible. The difference in length may not be pronounced or emphasized strong: on the one hand, the haircut is almost “under the boy”, on the other – long strands.


Unlike the short version of the haircut, here the strands can reach the shoulders, or even lower. Some girls come up with patterns on the back of their heads, hiding them under long top strands for intrigue.

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bob bob

This haircut in 2019 is often performed on medium hair. In the photo – front and back views – you can see how it is characteristic. The roundness of the shape, the specific back of the head, and, as it were, the classic Kare – in front. Now it is very popular among ladies of any age. The hair looks well-groomed and stylish, so this hairstyle can be worn daily, and for the evening it will be relevant and fresh.

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The best option would be not small, but not large curls. On medium waviness of hair, Kare looks good, giving the hostess a playful and friendly look.

Kare on the leg

Distinctive features of this hairstyle are volume at the crown and a short nape. The boom of this haircut came in 2018, but now it is very popular. Young girls add more patterns to the back of their heads, creating an absolutely original look.


It can be easily confused with another layered hairstyle, but unlike the same Cascade, there are clearly two levels of strands here, which (ideally) should be even. But styling and disobedience of hair can bring the hair into such a form that it is quite difficult to recognize Kare or Cascade. Basically, a double Kare is done on medium hair – then the length of the strands is enough to reveal the entire depth of the hairstyle.

Many experienced craftsmen create unique haircut options – they take the features of different types of Kare and combine them into one masterpiece.

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In any case, each girl can first consider one or another haircut option in the photographs from all sides in order to finally decide on her future image.

[stextbox id=’info’]Clue. For girls with thin and sparse hair, it is worth stopping at Kare, which gives volume: on a leg, graduated, Bob car. For ladies with thick and heavy hair, it is better to choose double, graduated, asymmetrical or elongated.[/stextbox]

Kare on the leg

Laying and coloring Kare

Despite the chosen subspecies of a haircut for an evening, a festive celebration or for different looks for every day, you can come up with:

  • “shaggy”, careless style – wash your hair, dry it, ruffle your hands. You can add funds to make the hairstyle last longer;

bob bob

  • wind the strands a little, creating a playful and cheerful look. It looks very inviting – see photos of options;

  • lay with waves, fix with means to create a retro bow;
  • twist the tips in or out;
  • weave strands into a pigtail, two or more, even with bangs;
  • twist into flagella and make a playful, very youthful hairstyle.

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