Key beauty trends from spring-summer 2023 shows: hairstyles, makeup, looks

The main shows and collections have died down, which means it’s time to sum up the spring-summer 2023 trends. What hairstyles, makeup and features in the images will be at the peak of popularity – all this in our latest trend review!


Romantic and daring (depending on mood) braids are the main hairstyle for spring-summer 2023. There are many variations of a stylish look – casual and slightly disheveled weaves, tight braids with additional accessories, variations with plaits, hints of afro style and classic 2 appeared on the shows. braids with a straight parting.

It is permissible to take pigtails as the basis for a more complex hairstyle – this move also corresponds to the trends of summer 2023.


At the head of fashion trends in 2023 is a brilliant extravaganza that extends not only to holiday exits, but also to weekdays. Delicate shimmering shadows or enchanting foil decor – it’s up to you!

wave in the hair

Fashion weeks spring-summer 2023 shone models with elegant styling in the form of a cold wave. A sophisticated hairstyle goes beyond the evening style and feels quite comfortable in business and casual looks.

Fashionable styling spring-summer 2023 deserves repetition on the length of the hair from the chin and below. To achieve a smooth wave, fix the curls with clips and comb the strands to smooth.

Glowing skin

In the ranking of makeup trends for the spring-summer 2022-2023 season, the effect of radiant skin takes pride of place. Deliberate moisture is replaced by a delicate glow, which symbolizes a natural healthy tone.

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Proper care allows you to achieve the desired effect – the number one remedy will be serum with vitamin C in the composition. After that, a moisturizing base for flawless coverage and a light texture of foundation mixed with liquid highlighter come into play. Let the radiant finish be on the whole face – this is the most fashionable technique.

Red lipstick

Spring-summer 2023 fashion often turned to classic solutions that look flawless a priori. For example, in trendy make-up, makeup artists remembered a win-win accent – scarlet lips. Any texture is acceptable – from wet and satin to impeccably matte.

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copper hair

The key trend in hair coloring for spring-summer 2023 is a noble copper palette. Shades of bronze and pumpkin, reddish-blond color, as well as shatush or balayage based on red color with glimpses of caramel or gold come to the fore. Exquisitely and elegantly look natural shades without too much brightness.

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orange shadows

Makeup for spring-summer 2023 welcomes the moderate use of cosmetics. It is noteworthy that the sense of proportion gets along well with bright accents. For example, orange shadows or orange arrows can become the main feature of the image.

Makeup artists give a hint: the trendy palette from peach to turmeric is great friends with the nude style and is combined with a light tan on the skin.

Green color

It is expected that with the advent of warm days, fashionistas gravitate towards fresh natural shades. The fashion trends of spring 2023 encourage this desire and put green at the top of the list of trends. A juicy and cheerful shade appeared not only in fashion design, but also in makeup – be sure to try this unusual beauty experiment in practice!

New french

In the ranking of fashionable manicure for spring-summer 2023, the leading position belongs to the good old French in a new reading. The classic design has given way to variations with a colored and black smile, graphic elements and a border on the tips of the nails. The fashionable jacket of the 2023 season welcomes a minimalist and at the same time non-standard design.

A complete guide to spring and summer 2023 trends deserves to be bookmarked. We invite you to check out our cheat sheet whenever you need to create a stylish look in strict accordance with the leading trends of the season!

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