Khaki color: trendy color combinations

Fashionable and always up-to-date, khaki not only looks very beautiful in itself, but also goes well with other colors. This color has a very wide range, ranging from dirty yellow to green-brown. That is why its use in fashion is very wide and varied.

Khaki color: trendy color combinations

Initially, khaki was used in military uniforms as camouflage – camouflage and protection. But, gradually, he gained wide popularity and now women are actively buying things of this fashionable shade. How to combine this color with others in images and with which of them will it look most beneficial?

We offer some successful combinations:

  • With pink. A very pleasant tandem, which is distinguished by a special contrast and naturalness. We are accustomed to this combination in nature – greenery and flowers, so our eyes perceive it as something ordinary and normal.

  • With red. Against the background of muted khaki, red looks especially bright. The combination is very expressive and interesting. In this case, you can use different shades of red – scarlet, coral, red-burgundy.

  • With orange. There are many options here too. With khaki, you can wear peach, coral orange, fiery and other shades of this juicy and bright color. Harmony and attractiveness – that’s how you can characterize this couple.

  • With yellow. Yellow is a native shade for khaki, because it is part of it. The image is bright, warm and very stylish.

  • With green. In this pair, the shades are very close to each other in terms of scale, and therefore look great together. Use warm greens – pistachio, olive, coniferous, and cool greens, where we include mint, malachite and gray-green.
  • With blue. Not only blue, but also blue, gray-blue, as well as aquamarine will fit perfectly in one look with khaki. The appearance will turn out to be very deep and to some extent strict.

  • With purple. The most expressive contrast of purple and khaki will be made by such shades as lilac, grape, eggplant.
  • With brown. Brown and khaki are again a reminder to us of naturalness and naturalness. A great pair that will look appropriate in any look.

Of course, the combination of khaki with such classic colors as black, white and gray will always be fashionable and relevant. All shades of pastel should be attributed to the same colors that give the image neutrality and elegance.

Shades of khaki and their combination in clothes

Khaki has a very wide palette of shades, and each of them looks more advantageous with one or another color. We will talk about this below.

The first color is sandy khaki, which can be put closer to beige in terms of color. It is an integral part of the safari style, it looks very appropriate in a casual style. It is best to wear it in summer. It looks most advantageous in tandem with lilac, emerald, saffron, pink, amethyst flowers and bright fuchsia.

Beige khaki contains an admixture of gray, and it can be classified as basic. But, if the sand is warmer, then the beige khaki is also suitable for the cold season. He can be paired with pink, light yellow, red, gray-green, plum, bronze.

Ash khaki in women’s clothing also goes well with other colors – beige, brick, yellow, green, purple. By itself, it is to some extent strict and restrained, so it can be safely diluted with other, brighter shades.

Smoky green is a delicate and discreet color, but just like the previous ones, it can play the role of everyday. It is combined with saffron, emerald, sky blue, light lilac, red and orange.

Swamp – contains a shade of brown, in itself dark and very deep. It is best used in autumn and winter clothes. You can add peach, gold, mustard, coffee, blue, olive and black to it.

Khaki hay color is combined with peach, cobalt, coniferous, black. This is a paler tone of green, which makes it look light and casual. It can even be called modest to some extent, so it is not suitable for evening dresses.

Olive khaki is very elegant and luxurious. It is suitable for both business and evening looks. Perfectly combined with fuchsia, blue, honey, eggplant, chocolate shades.

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Khaki outfits

When you combine khaki with other colors in your outfits, try to keep in mind the tips you got above. With monolooks in khaki, you can completely dress up in this shade by wearing a dress or suit. But if, for example, you use tops, blouses or T-shirts in this color, then you can take a skirt or trousers in white, black or any other of the described colors as a bottom.

Khaki skirts and trousers look great with white, red, black, blue and many other blouses. Bold girls who love attention can try to introduce bright details into the image in khaki color – trousers, trench coats, jackets.

Outerwear, shoes and even accessories in khaki are also very popular among girls. They may be the only detail in the image, presented in this particular shade.

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In all the photos presented, you can see the most successful combinations of khaki with other colors in women’s clothing. Get inspired by these ideas and create new images for yourself!

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