Klimalanin: instructions for use of the drug

Every woman has to go through such an unpleasant state as menopause. In such a situation, Klimalanin will help. It is absolutely safe: the drug has no contraindications and perfectly eliminates the symptoms of malaise.

How to deal with age-related changes?

Hot flashes often occur due to the following circumstances:

  • High air temperature, prolonged stay in a stuffy room.
  • Provoke the appearance of symptoms of menopause smoking, drinking alcohol, passion for drinks, which contain caffeine.
  • Stress and emotional problems adversely affect the work of female organs.

To restore lost strength, a woman needs to take homeopathic remedies and herbal medicines. Such drugs should be taken regularly, for a long time.

Soothing pills reduce the number of hot flashes, they stabilize the state of the nervous system. But such medicines can cause weakness: the fair sex becomes lethargic and inhibited.

The characteristic symptoms of malaise can be eliminated in other ways: the cardinal method of getting rid of this problem is the use of hormonal drugs. They normalize the content of estrogen in the blood. But hormone therapy has many side effects: it often contributes to the development of thrombosis and causes cancer.

What is remarkable about Klimalanin?

It is a non-hormonal agent. The main active ingredient of the drug is beta-alanic acid. It is similar to that produced by the human body. The impact of Klimalanin is based on the ability of its active substance to inhibit the production of histamine. He is responsible for the occurrence of tides. Klimalanin reduces sweating, it relieves headaches, weakness, eliminates the feeling of heat. The drug improves the condition of blood vessels. They cause a feeling of warmth, hot flashes and migraines.

Klimalanin is available in the form of cylindrical tablets. They are white. Each tablet contains 0.4 g of the active substance – beta-alanine. They also contain auxiliary components: wheat starch and magnesium stearate. The formula of the drug also contains hydrated silicon.
The medicine does not have to be taken for a long time, you need to take 1 tablet per day for a week. The drug is not addictive, if after some time the adverse symptoms of menopause begin to bother the woman again, you can continue taking Klimalanin.

The drug is well tolerated by patients, when it is used, excess fluid does not linger in the body. The tool does not increase the likelihood of blood clots, does not cause diseases of the cardiovascular system. Klimalanin does not impair the functioning of the kidneys, it does not adversely affect the liver cells.

It can be used in the presence of cancer. The medicine is also safe for women who have a high risk of thromboembolism.

Indications for use and contraindications

Klimalanin is used to treat hot flashes that occur during menopause.

The drug should not be used in case of individual susceptibility to its components. The remedy should not be drunk with gluten intolerance. This is due to the fact that wheat starch is present in the Klimalanin formula.

Application features

The daily dosage of the drug is 1-2 tablets per day. In the absence of a therapeutic effect, it is increased to three tablets per day.

The drug rarely causes side effects. It is extremely rare that an allergic reaction occurs when using it. In this case, the treatment should be stopped and a doctor should be consulted: a woman is usually prescribed antihistamines. The medicine does not cause serious problems: when it is used, Quincke’s edema does not develop, there is no threat to the life and health of a woman. Sometimes the drug causes a tingling sensation in the extremities. But it passes quickly enough.

Important clarifications

Klamilanin does not reduce concentration, while taking it, you can drive a car and engage in activities that require mental alertness.

The drug interacts well with other medicines, there is no data on an overdose of Klimalanin.

The drug does not require special storage conditions: at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees, all the beneficial properties of the tablets are preserved.

A prescription is required to purchase Klimalanin. It has a long shelf life: it is three years.

Feedback on the use of the drug

Reviews about the use of Klimalanin are diverse: for some women, it helps to cope with hot flashes. According to the assurances of other representatives of the fair sex, they did not notice a special effect when using the drug. This is understandable: after all, the body of each woman is individual and the drug must be selected correctly.

Women who Klimalanin helped to return to their usual way of life often mention that it must be put under the tongue, so the result from using the remedy will come faster.

Medication cost

By prescription, the drug is easy to get at any pharmacy. The cost of Klimalanin is about 400 rubles per pack. It contains 30 tablets. The price of the drug in different pharmacy chains may vary slightly.

Does the drug have analogues?

There are no drugs that have a similar composition. This is the unique feature of Klimalanin. But there are herbal remedies that can be used to quickly eliminate the symptoms of menopause. One such drug is Estrovel.

It can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. The structure of the drug contains natural ingredients. They are called phytohormones. Thanks to soy isoflavones and yam extract, a woman relieves headaches and hot flashes.

The advantages of Estrovel are as follows:

  • It perfectly relieves the symptoms of menopause.
  • The drug has a mild sedative and pronounced diuretic effect, the woman’s well-being improves significantly.
  • Indole-3-carbinol, present in the Estrovel formula, normalizes hormonal balance and prevents the development of breast cancer.
  • Due to the high content of vitamins, the drug perfectly strengthens the immune system, increases the body’s resistance to infections.
  • Estrovel has an antioxidant effect. It reduces the risk of anemia and osteoporosis.

The average duration of taking the drug is 60 days. It is contraindicated in case of individual sensitivity to its components.

When applied…

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