Knitted cardigans are back in trend in spring 2021 – emphasis on braids and lace

A cardigan is a versatile piece of clothing that suits both sporty chic and evening wear. Therefore, it is not surprising that fashion houses now and then return knitted sweaters to fashion, only changing the trend for color, style and length. In the spring of 2021, cardigans are back at their peak, so it’s time to get some warm clothes.

Lace pattern

Knitting, similar to lace Orenburg shawls, is considered the most relevant for cardigans this season. Such an ornamental thing can decorate any outfit or even become the center of the image.

It is noteworthy that craftswomen can knit such a stylish thing on their own with knitting needles or crochet: a variety of openwork patterns will make the cardigan unique.

Braids and harnesses

Braids are a very successful pattern for an elongated cardigan, because such a thing in a vertical pattern visually stretches the silhouette, makes the legs visually longer, and the hips narrower. Therefore, for ladies who have problems in these areas, this style will be a good addition to the existing wardrobe.

Medium-length cardigans with this pattern are suitable for a casual look, and even for an office style, it is enough to combine it with strict trousers and a plain shirt.

Sleeveless styles are also very popular this season, but for some reason, world designers still prefer to call these things cardigans, not vests, for example.

Shortened options like a bolero are also successfully combined with plaits and braids. This mini jacket will look good with both a dress and jeans.

Large knit

Sweatshirts with a large knitting pattern and an expressive pattern such as plaits, braids or checkerboards are again at the peak of popularity this spring. They are so versatile, but at the same time self-sufficient, that they do not require serious additions to the image.

As for colors, it is better to choose discreet shades: black, white, beige, blue, blue. Since a large knitting pattern in “acid” colors will look rustic.

in a cage

Since the plaid is breaking all records of popularity this season, therefore, the plaid cardigan is, of course, in trend. Variants of the checkered pattern can be different: from plaid to large squares.

In its collection, Y/Project presented an upside-down plaid cardigan, somewhat reminiscent of a school uniform.

Also, designers suggest using a knitted belt and fringe as decoration.


Oversized cardigan models are also in trend this season. A separate squeak is the “bat” styles. Such sweaters are suitable for different types of figures and are able to hide extra pounds in the arms and abdomen, and elongated models also lush hips.

Both with jeans and with a tracksuit, an elongated, slightly hanging cardigan from the shoulders will make the image whole and stylish.

Caring designers bring into fashion not only beautiful, but also warm clothes. So that the beautiful half of humanity does not think about the question of whether to dress stylishly or comfortably, but immediately put on a cardigan.

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