Knitted fashion autumn-winter 2020-2021

Knitted fashion autumn-winter 2020-2021 allows a woman to remain beautiful, tender, feminine and at the same time not be afraid of the cold. Choosing the right pair of knitted items, you can easily create stylish bows in any look – from business to romantic and even urban.

What do couturiers offer?

First of all, pay attention to the dresses. Made by hand or knitted on a typewriter – they are a tribute to femininity. Not even the most modest wardrobe can do without a dress.

The trend will be midi and maxi length models. World designers have relied on maximum modesty and closeness. Therefore, choose dresses with a neck, to the floor, with long sleeves. A real sensation at fashion shows in Milan, Paris, New York and London caused a black knitted floor-length dress. And if you do not want to wear such a model, opt for oversight style dresses, especially if you have an imperfect figure. For ideal forms, a tight-fitting dress in a thin or large knit is suitable.

[tds_warning]Stylist’s tip: Create a stylish look with a belt. Pick it up to match a light scarf or shoes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with contrasting shades. With the help of a belt, you will not only make the image interesting, but also favorably emphasize the waist.[/tds_warning]

This technique is especially suitable for girls and women who have a few extra pounds.

Sweater and jumper

No less interesting were sweaters in knitted fashion “Autumn-Winter 2020-2021” on the world catwalks. Despite the fact that this piece of clothing is considered basic, it can be original, interesting. Couturiers have developed several unusual models in which every woman will feel like a goddess, whether at work, at a party and even on a romantic date.

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Off shoulder model

It is ideal for absolutely any figure. Regardless of whether you have chiseled shoulders or plump, sloping ones, in any case, a sweater with bare shoulders will fit perfectly. You can choose for yourself a jumper model that opens both shoulders or a sweater that exposes only one shoulder and falls freely from it.

Another interesting option is a thin-knit sweater without one sleeve and with a tight neck. This model is incredibly sexy.

Off-the-shoulder sweaters can be beautifully combined with business or dress trousers, with a midi pencil skirt or with an A-line skirt. If you’re going for a street style look, use a looser off-the-shoulder sweater to pair with mom jeans or boyfriends. The versatility of any sweater is that it can be organically combined in an ensemble with shoes with heels or flats.

high throat

Fashionable knitted sweaters for autumn-winter 2020-2021 include models with a voluminous or simply high neck. Such a thing will easily complement a business or walking bow, will make you feel comfortable in the autumn park or on a nature outing with friends. Depending on the overall style of the sweater, it can be worn under a romantic skirt, jeans, classic trousers. A loose sweater sleeve will complement the overall pleasant impression.

Attention to the cut

When choosing a stylish knitted jumper, be sure to pay attention to the shape of its neckline. The trend today is V-neckline, boat neckline, asymmetrical neckline. The boat makes it easy to hide imperfect skin in the décolleté area. The V-neck shows off your fuller bust and adds some volume to it. Asymmetry – diverts attention from excessively lush hips and other imperfections of the figure.

bare back

Impress others with fashionable looks created with a sweater with a bare back. This model is misleading. From the front you are an impregnable beauty. Turning your back to your opponent, you demonstrate all the beauty of its relief. A sweater with an open back will suit those who work hard on their body in the gym.

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Don’t ignore the Oversight models. A voluminous sweater, casually thrown over the body with jeans or a floor-length skirt, creates a light, delicate and fragile bow.

voluminous sleeves

Pay attention to the models of sweaters with voluminous sleeves. It can be a bat sleeve, a flashlight, a puff. Such an interesting wardrobe item will add zest to you.

crop top

The trend is cropped models of sweaters that look like a top, but with sleeves. Do not be afraid of the imaginary frankness of such models. In combination with a high-waisted skirt or trousers, it is the very thing for early autumn.

As a kind of sweater, a cardigan can also be noted. Large or small knit, handmade or machine-made, having a variety of lengths – it will organically complement any look, from sporty to romantic. Stylists advise using a cardigan to create a monochrome bow. This looks very interesting. For an imperfect figure, use a contrast technique – wear a light dress, and wear a dark cardigan over it. Visually, this method makes the figure slimmer.


In the photo in the section “Knitted fashion autumn-winter 2020-2021” you can see a variety of warm skirts. The leading positions are occupied by midi and floor-length or A-line models. It looks interesting pencil skirt with a high fit. If you are a needlewoman, you can easily knit an unusual skirt for autumn and create an interesting ensemble with it.

And this season, designers have relied on brilliance. Therefore, feel free to use lurex thread when knitting or choose models with shiny thread included in the composition.

Hats and scarves

A couple of years ago, sets consisting of a knitted hat and scarf in the same color looked stylish. Today it is fashionable to wear these accessories in different designs. A scarf and a hat can have different shades, but at the same time stay in the same din.

[tds_note]Please note that if a fashionable knitted hat has a large pattern, it is better to avoid additional decorative elements when designing it.[/tds_note]

And vice versa – a simple knitted hat can be decorated with a label, logo, stones, buttons.

As for the scarf, the snood familiar to us confidently faded into the background. Now it is fashionable to wear voluminous long scarves, the ends of which hang down.

Remember that both large patterned knitting and thin, smooth knitting are in fashion.


The list of fashionable knitwear for autumn-winter 2020-2021 has also been replenished with a coat. A knitted product will beautifully complement an autumn and even winter look, provided it has a lining. The trend of the season is a midi or maxi length model. Short coats are not in demand among fashion designers. When choosing a knitted coat, pay attention to the composition – wool is ideal, but it is better if there is a percentage of synthetics in the composition. Then the product will last longer and retain its presentation longer.

For an autumn knitted coat, saturated deep shades are relevant – lilac, marsala, emerald green, blue, burgundy, purple, plum, gray. Especially popular is…

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