Knitted jumpsuit as an alternative to a sweater for spring 2021

Spring is the time when the cold recedes, and fashionable clothes gradually return to our everyday life. Like last year, convenience and comfort remain the dominant trend in street style. Natural soft fabrics and natural colors are a good choice, and a creative cut or a bright print will accentuate the look.

Benefits of knitted jumpsuit

With the right choice, he will not only retain heat throughout the body, but also stretch the silhouette, hide the flaws of the figure and correct it thanks to the style. The main condition is that the overalls should not hinder movement and sit freely on the body, there should be “air” between it and the fabric.

A jumpsuit is similar to a sweater in versatility and comfort, but unlike a sweater, it will not ride up, roll down and prick. He is considered a model that will suit all girls, regardless of preferences and occupation, in addition, he has been seen more than once at fashion shows as a trend for the next season.

The main trend of this spring

The jumpsuit is called the best trend of spring 2021, but it returns to us in a new concept: now it is a riot of colors and thin fabric. For example, the 2020-2021 fashion trend is wide legs. They have one drawback – plump girls should wear such a jumpsuit carefully, like any oversized, so as not to add unnecessary volumes.

For everyday wear, stylists offer sports models. Paired with a basic nude blazer and low heel shoes, this saturated color jumpsuit will cheer you up on any gray day.

What prints to pay attention to

Spring is coming, which means that floral prints are again becoming the number one accent, both abstract patterns and large flowers. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the tie-dye trend, which can be easily distinguished by light “divorces” – it will be relevant for at least a couple more seasons. The stylists took a “breath of fresh air” and decided on watercolor stains – prints that look like spreading strokes of paint will give the jumpsuit a real picturesque look.

Classics and accessories

For those who are not ready for fashion trends – a classic that returns both to fashion shows and to everyday life. For example, a monochrome image. It’s simple – the jumpsuit takes over the top and bottom accents, so it remains only to choose accessories and an additional layer. By the way, about accessories: massive necklaces and bags that come into fashion will balance a modest jumpsuit, and flat shoes will be the most comfortable and stylish.

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