Knitted nail design 2022-2023

Knitted manicure became popular a few seasons ago. Especially often women of fashion resort to it in the cold season. And no wonder, because it looks charming, associating with a cozy warm sweater. From year to year, nail trends, albeit slightly, change, and the popularity of knitted manicure in winter remains at a consistently high level. It has become almost as classic as French, rubbing or shiny decor. However, this does not mean that modern fashion trends are alien to this design. What should be a knitted manicure in the season 2022-2023? Let’s share the latest trends.



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Features of knitted manicure and technique

The main highlight of this design is simulated hand knitting. Moreover, it can be made both smooth and voluminous. If you choose the second option, then nail art will really look like you have a real miniature pattern on your nails created using knitting needles. Hence the second name of the manicure – “sweater”. As in life, the “knitting technique” can be different, so that the pattern can be changed with each new visit to the master. Beautiful patterns are in trend: herringbone, rhombus knitting, weaving, braid.


How to make a knitted design? If you want a three-dimensional drawing, then you will need a gel polish with acrylic powder and all related tools. And also perseverance. It is very difficult to make a design on both hands on your own, so it is better to contact the salon, where the master will step by step perform the following manipulations:

  • process the nail plate and cuticles, make a correction, if necessary, increase the length;
  • cover the nail with the base of the desired color (where there is a knitted pattern, the top should be matte);
  • draw “knit” layer by layer with a thin brush, and initially it is done with a colorless or slightly shiny gel polish;
  • sprinkle the sticky layer of gel polish with acrylic powder.

Everything is quite simple. And as a result, you will get a charming voluminous nail design that will be worn for a long time, look spectacular, cheer up, go well with most winter outfits.


To make a smooth knitted pattern, you can use the usual sliders. Such nail art can be brought to life at home.


Winter knitted manicure in the season 2022-2023: design ideas

In order for the design to look harmonious, it is most often performed in pastel and nude shades. Blue, pale pink, lavender, peach, white and milky, gray, light green, pale yellow, coffee, cream and beige will be an excellent base for a sweater. But you can choose more saturated shades. Brown, dark gray, purple, classic blue and green, brick or even pink – these coatings will also look great with a voluminous knitted pattern.

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Next, we list interesting ideas for creating a design.

  • With drawing. Yes, a knitted pattern is self-sufficient in itself, but this does not mean that it should not be combined with other popular techniques. For example, beautiful nail art will turn out with a pattern. In the winter season, it is very fashionable to draw all kinds of hats and mittens, which perfectly resonate with the very idea of ​​\u200b\u200bmanicure. Also, fashionistas are often asked to portray Teddy bears and characters from their favorite cartoons.


  • With snowflakes. Another popular type of design in the cold season. Moreover, snowflakes will quite successfully fit into the New Year’s manicure 2022-2023. They can be painted with silver sparkles or varnish in a contrasting color. But it is best to make snowflakes voluminous with the help of the same acrylic powder so that they successfully echo the viscous.


  • With rhinestones. If you want to make a spectacular manicure for long nails, we suggest turning to rhinestones. Surprisingly, the sparkle of cold crystals is in perfect harmony with the knitted ornament “under the sweater”. But don’t overdo it! Rhinestones and knitting should complement each other, not overlap. Otherwise it will be tasteless. Place the crystals not on the pattern itself, but nearby.


  • With flock. Flock are tiny villi that are successfully used in the nail art segment. Thanks to them, the nails look like they are covered with velvet. Knitted manicure 2022 with flock is what you need to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the winter season. You can cover with a pile both the entire nails and the pattern itself. As a result, it will look more voluminous and even more reminiscent of knitting.


  • ombre. And this technique continues to be popular. So why not combine two trends in one nail art. Yes, it is not easy to make color transitions on a relief surface, but if it works out, it will come out very effectively. It is best to design on long nails of an oval or square shape. Ombre can be both vertical and horizontal.


  • french. French design in tandem with knitted is very original and cute. How to combine them? Part of the nails can be decorated with a classic jacket, and the rest (1 or 2) with a three-dimensional pattern. Choose the most fashionable shades to create this nail art. Such a manicure will look attractive even on short nails.



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Harmoniously knitted patterns will be combined with Scandinavian and ethnic patterns, which can also often be seen on real sweaters.

Knitted nail design is, of course, not a novelty of the 2022 season. But just look at the photo – how cute this nail art looks. Passing by it this winter is simply unacceptable.

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