Knitted polos as the basis of a fashionable wardrobe in spring 2021: stylish looks for any activity

Polo is rapidly breaking into the wardrobes of fashionistas of the 21st century. And this is not surprising, because they are famous for their convenience and comfort thanks to a successful cut. The shirt is a jersey T-shirt with a turn-down collar, closure at the throat and short sleeves.

sport chic

Polos were originally an element of sportswear. The history of their origin originates in the UK. Shirts were used as uniforms for playing polo. Then tennis players began to wear them during matches. One of them was the famous Rene Lacoste, who founded the brand and launched shirts for sale.

Polos are best paired with sweatpants or tennis skirts. Sneakers, sneakers, sandals or flip flops will help to complete the look. This image is suitable for sports or outdoor games.

You can also see interesting combinations on the catwalks. Polo, sweatpants and sandals – you get an image for the most daring in the style of sport-chic.

In the summer, the shirt will look great with sports shorts. By adding a handbag and a couple of accessories, you can run for a walk or run with your dog.

And to the feast, and to the world, and to work

Polos fit perfectly into the office wardrobe. It can be worn with dress pants, pencil skirts and A-line skirts. But the shirt must be tucked in so as not to create a disproportionate silhouette and emphasize the waist. In cold weather, it is worth throwing a man-cut jacket or cardigan on top, this will complement the image.


An excellent solution would be the decision to fit the polo into your everyday wardrobe. It will be combined with skirts, jeans, shorts and, of course, trousers. You can come up with so many combinations that are suitable not only for a walk, but also for going to the theater or an important meeting!

Almost any jeans are combined with polo, from skinny to mom jeans. The exception is low-rise jeans. They have long gone out of fashion, as they emphasize not the advantages, but the shortcomings of the figure. Shirts of any color will suit blue or black jeans. It remains to add accessories and choose the right shoes for the occasion.

Skirts fit any style and length. Sandals or pumps will fit perfectly into this look. So you can go on a date to a restaurant, to the cinema or to meet with friends. The image will successfully harmonize festivity and everyday life.

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