Knitted women’s vests

Winter cold is just around the corner, so it’s time to stock up on beautiful knitted vests and sleeveless jackets. We invite you to knit popular women’s models with knitting needles – they will not only give you comfort and warmth, but will also be a stylish accent in the image. Hand knitting is in trend today, and this is in the hands of our needlewomen readers!

Fashionable images with knitted vests

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Color palette

Of course, you can choose your favorite knitting color that suits you. But it will be doubly pleasant if this shade is among the fashion trends.

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  • A delicate palette of pastel shades will not leave indifferent romantic natures. Muted soft colors combined with a knitted texture look just great. Today, the trend is pink, powdery, beige and pale yellow. A girl in a vest of any of these colors will look feminine and sophisticated.

Women’s vests in nude shades

  • Lovers of bright colors will appreciate the fact that many rich shades also occupy an important place on the fashion Olympus. A sure way to draw attention to yourself is to wear a red thing. And on the basis of a sleeveless jacket of this shade, you can create many spectacular and stylish images. You can choose any palette of red – from provocative bright scarlet to noble burgundy.

Red vests

  • The 2019-2019 season proclaimed the trendy shades of purple, yellow, green and blue. Knitwear of these colors will surely take its rightful place in your wardrobe.

Fashionable blue vest

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  • Do not forget about the universal black and brown colors. These fashionable models have already become classics of practical and discreet style.

Vests in dark classic colors

Main trends

We have prepared for you a few secrets of what a stylish vest or sleeveless jacket should look like.

Stylish vests in trendy colors

  • Do not forget about beautiful accents that can turn even a nondescript knitted item into a fashionable and spectacular one. A simple brooch, beads, scarf can make an ordinary look exclusive.
  • For the summer season, openwork models with fringe are relevant. They look spectacular not only in beach bows, but even in casual looks.
  • Today, thick yarn models, embossed patterns, as well as a crocheted chain mail motif are popular. If a girl wants to look slimmer and visually hide some figure flaws, these are definitely her things.
  • The trend is also elongated knee-length vests. You can wrap it with a belt and create original layered looks.

Fashionable women’s vests

What to combine

It is not enough to create a beautiful thing according to our schemes and descriptions. A real fashionista should know how to combine a knitted women’s vest or sleeveless jacket.

Stylish women’s sleeveless jackets

  • Women’s knitted sleeveless jacket today is an important attribute of business style. Business ladies skillfully combine it with turtlenecks, shirts and knitted dresses. Usually such a bow is designed in soothing shades, but still looks attractive.
  • A tight vest will make a stylish combination in combination with jeans or dress pants.
  • For a lighter and more casual look, go for loose-fitting boyfriend, chinos, or buggy jeans. As a top, a sweater, top or fashionable T-shirt will look great.
  • If you prefer a tank top in a bright shade, add this season’s trendy pleated midi skirts, tweed shorts and a neutral pencil skirt to it.

Knitted vest – a fashionable look

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The most elementary sleeveless

Do you like how beautiful and fashionable women’s vests and sleeveless jackets look in the photo, but do you think that you will not be able to repeat this “feat of a needlewoman”? In vain! There is one simple technique for knitting a sleeveless jacket, which even a girl who first took knitting needles in her hands can handle. The main thing is to master the facial loops, and the rest of the work will take place at an easy and fast pace.

Simple do-it-yourself vest

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Note! In this model, the direction of knitting is longitudinal, respectively, the set of loops will be on the side of the product as in the photo.


Pattern of a simple sleeveless jacket

Cast on 110 stitches and add 2 on the edge. Knit a fabric with a height of about 30 cm. To create an armhole, knit 25 loops with a working thread, change it to a contrasting thread and knit further 20 cm (this is about 44 loops). Then use the working thread again and knit the remaining loops with it.

Simple knit stitch pattern

To knit the back, you need to knit a fabric with a height of 37 cm. The second armhole is done in the same way. The right shelf will be respectively the same height as the left one.

At the end, you need to pull out the contrasting thread and put the loops on the knitting needles in parallel and close them in your favorite way.

Pull out the contrast thread and put on loops in parallel

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Stylish vest

Knitting this vest does not require any special knitting skills. The principle of execution is so simple that even a novice needlewoman can handle it.

Beautiful knitted vest

Stock up on size 6 knitting needles and 5 skeins of Cisne Lolita for this cute piece to live in your wardrobe.

  • Start by knitting the back of the vest. To do this, cast on 94 loops and knit 2 rows using purl loops. Next, do the work according to the fantasy pattern scheme as in the figure. After 38 cm of knitting close on both sides in each second row 5 loops, 1 time 3 loops and 1 time 2 loops. Close all working loops after 20 cm.
  • To knit the right shelf, cast on 42 loops and knit 2 rows with purl loops. Then follow 5 loops of garter stitch (purl loops), then knit 37 loops according to the scheme. When the height reaches 38 cm, close in each 2 rows of 5 loops, then 1 time 3 loops and 1 time 2 loops.
  • Then start shaping the neckline. At a height of 41 cm, decrease the loop on its side by knitting 4 purl and 2 purl together, continue to knit with a fantasy pattern. Decrease should be done every 4 rows, respectively, it will be 8 times and 24 loops in total.
  • When the armhole measures 20cm, cast off 19 shoulder sts. Continue the scarf pattern for 8 cm. Bind off the loops.
  • The left shelf is knitted similarly to the right knitting technique.
  • To tie the armhole, cast on 6 loops, 5 of which knit with a garter pattern and add a hem. Close the loops. Repeat these steps again.
  • Just a little bit and the vest will be ready. It is only necessary to sew the sides and shoulders together, sew the harness to the armhole, grabbing the edge loops.

Knitting pattern for a vest with a fantasy pattern

Nice vest with buttons

Despite the ease of implementation, this model looks elegant and…

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