Вязаная мода 2020

Knitting in spring fashion 2020: what and how to wear

With the advent of spring, many rush to wrap themselves in warm, cozy things. Such clothes have been popular for more than a year, but with each new season, designers come up with and add fashion ideas, combinations of textures and combinations of shades to update the wardrobe. This has influenced knitwear and the emergence of new products that will be fashionable in the spring of 2020. Designers said that knitted clothes are the trend of spring and even summer of this season.

Knitted fashion 2020

All new items and different models of knitted clothes can be safely combined with skirts, shorts, dresses and blouses. What knitted outfits will be the most popular in the coming spring?

knitted dress

Such a trendy dress is undoubtedly a must-have this spring. Designers show it to us in the following versions: a sweater dress, a turtleneck dress and an oversized dress with a free cut. Whichever of these is in the wardrobe, the dress will make the transition season look charming!

knitted dress

This season’s new trend in knitted fashion for the fair sex is a dress made of thin knitwear for warm weather, which looks just great and focuses on the beautiful shapes and grace of the female figure.

What to wear

It will perfectly emphasize the waist and will look on any dress with a strap that will make your figure visually slimmer. Everything is suitable as shoes, even sports sneakers! Shoes with heels make the image feminine and gentle. A knee-length dress and below is suitable for ladies of medium height, while tall ones should pay attention to shortened models.

Trendy cardigan or oversized knitting

A favorite of many ladies is a knitted cardigan, which remains in fashion this spring. You can choose different styles and cuts for the new season. So, a model one size larger will look very impressive – both in long and short styles, which will warm this spring.


Fashionable cardigans have different colors. Designers advise choosing a pastel palette of pleasant beige tones. The cardigan is perfectly complemented by beautiful knitted patterns and decorations in the form of bumps. Volumetric sleeves and fur on such a thing will complement your image.

What to wear

Pair with jeans, skirts and even leather skinny pants that will look amazing. Ankle boots, boots, shoes with and without heels – all this looks great with a knitted cardigan! A belt, fashionable glasses and a large bag complete the spring look.

Knitting in jackets, tunics and sweaters

Sweatshirts, sweaters and tunics in large or regular knits are becoming another must-have purchase in the women’s wardrobe. These things look very harmonious in a larger size: they perfectly emphasize the fragility and tenderness of the girl.

Knitted sweaters and sweaters

It is a large knit that fashion designers advise to use. Its advantage is that it looks great with jeans, trousers and skirts of different styles, ideal for everyday wear. Designers also recommend purchasing outfits in more soothing colors, which will emphasize femininity, and the image will become gentle.

What to wear

The most fashionable and new combination is a knitted sweater and a floor-length skirt. Using large, contrasting jewelry, the image becomes more interesting and attractive. In all other respects, the same goes for sweaters as for a cardigan.

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