Knitwear: what should be in the wardrobe of fashionistas this year

Fashion trends in the field of autumn-winter fashion change with enviable frequency, but one thing remains the same – knitwear. They have become classics for a long time. But still, fashion also comes and goes for some of these gizmos. In this article, we would like to talk about knitted clothes and accessories that will be very popular in winter 2019. So what are these things?

Gentle color cardigan

Cardigans have lost their positions in the popularity rating a little, but models of milky and powdery shades are more relevant than ever. Wear them with a dress, warm skirt or insulated jeans. It is also very interesting that such a thing will look with a voluminous scarf of the same shade.


Going for a new sweater or knitted dress, give preference to the texture of the “pigtail”. This stylish pattern will almost never go out of fashion, and this season it will become a real “highlight of the program”. A caramel-colored sweater with a high neck and a viscous pigtail, combined with tight black jeans and rough boots, is a win-win option for winter.

Knitted ornaments

Such accessories have also become a kind of “classic of the winter genre.” If you know how to knit well, please yourself with yarn earrings or beads. Well, if you are not a skilled craftswoman, then, for sure, you will be pleased with a trip to the New Year’s fair of handmade products, where you can buy such wonderful jewelry.


Do you still think that the hat does not decorate in any way and only spoils the image? Modern fashionistas do not think so! From sharp fluctuations in temperature, hair weakens and falls out, so a headdress is simply necessary in the cold season. As for beauty, the designers made sure that modern knitted hats were as stylish and beautiful as possible. Bright sports models with inscriptions, plain, with drawings, earflaps – the number of styles is not limited. In addition, you can try to make it yourself and show off your needlework skills.


Yes, there are knitted bags too! And now they are insanely popular. Such a thing simply cannot but decorate your image. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the yarn can get dirty, so this thing is more suitable for a snowy winter than for a rainy autumn. A milky-colored cardigan, combined with a knitted handbag of the same texture, is the perfect solution for cold weather.


The knitted headband is a very compact, comfortable and warm accessory. Such a headdress will appeal to girls leading an active lifestyle. Moreover, it is easy to tie it yourself. In addition, on those days when there is severe frost outside the window and an ordinary hat does not save, you can pry a rim under it.

voluminous scarf

Large knitting, oversized things and freedom in everything are in fashion. The same goes for scarves. Opt for a long and wide scarf that matches the color of your outerwear.


Speaking of fashion, we forget that at home you can and should look the way you like. First of all, love yourself. Knitted socks with a New Year’s theme or an interesting texture will be an original and comfortable addition to home clothes.

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