Kombucha as one of the ways to lose weight

Sea kvass, tea jellyfish, Japanese uterus – as soon as they do not call a unique ancient organism among the people. Kombucha is not only used as an ordinary drink (it has a pleasant taste and perfectly quenches thirst), it is also used as a prevention and treatment of various diseases. Kombucha is good for acne and pimples, gum disease, insomnia, and gastrointestinal disorders. Many use this drink as one of the ways to lose weight. The mushroom itself looks like a hat of an ordinary mushroom, only in tea mushroom it is more layered and slimy. Tea infusion is rich in vitamins B, C, PP, microelements, acids, contains sugar and caffeine.

Kombucha has unique properties. Thanks to healthy bacteria – probiotics, the digestive system improves, and the processing of proteins and fats is faster. In addition, kombucha removes toxins from the body. Thus, it helps to digest food faster, prevents harmful substances from lingering in the body and promotes weight loss. Moreover, kombucha reduces appetite and helps to cope with overeating. It is also noted that tea kvass contributes to the removal of excess fluid, invigorates and keeps the body in good shape during the day. It is perfect for those who want to lose weight and are on a diet.

How to prepare a drink from kombucha

To prepare the drink, you will need a clean, large three-liter glass jar. It should be poured into it, but not to the brim (1.5 -2 liters) of sweet green or black tea (if hot, let it cool). Then lower the mushroom already washed from the kettle with water into the jar. Now it remains to put the drink in a warm, not very bright place, away from the window and wait a week. Favorable temperature +25 degrees. If it is below +17 degrees, the activity of the fungus will decrease. When kvass is ready, it is filtered, poured into another jar and put in the refrigerator. The mushroom is not thrown away, but the sourdough is prepared again. It is worth noting that the hat requires regular bathing. In order for the fungus not to die and retain its beneficial properties, in summer the water must be drained every 2-4 days, in winter 5-6 days.

There are a lot of options for making kombucha infusion. However, when compiling a herbal bouquet, it should be borne in mind that he does not like essential oils, and bergamot, sage, chamomile and orange should be excluded from the list.

For those who want to lose weight, kombucha infusion should be taken six glasses a day. One glass half an hour to an hour before meals and two hours after. Some advise taking a couple of sips on an empty stomach, which can provoke heartburn and an increase in appetite. Therefore, in order not to harm the body, but still benefit it, the best option would be to use a drink of 200 ml half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The main thing to remember is that it is not advisable to mix tea kvass with food, since it will immediately react with food and begin to break it down with infusion, and not a natural process.

Reproduction of Kombucha

You can share the miracle mushroom with your relatives and friends. True, for starters, you need to wait until the cap of a large mushroom begins to divide. A thin second layer will appear on the bottom of the hat. In order not to injure the “child”, it must be separated very carefully and slowly. After separation, a new mushroom should be placed in another jar with sweet tea, for weight loss it is advised to use green tea (it enhances the healing properties). After a couple of weeks, the thin film will become thicker and take on the appearance of a full-fledged mushroom. And before you are going to pass it on to your friends, do not forget to attach instructions for using and caring for it along with the mushroom.

Side effects and contraindications

People with diabetes should avoid this drink because it contains sugar. It is also not recommended for those with high acidity. It is also contraindicated for stomach ulcers, gout and fungal diseases, as well as nursing mothers, pregnant women, people suffering from blood pressure, kidney and liver diseases. People with low blood pressure should be careful with kombucha infused with green tea. There were also cases when kombucha caused allergic reactions and indigestion. And, for people with unhealthy teeth, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with water after each drink, otherwise acid and sugar can harm them. It should also be borne in mind that kombucha can act as a laxative.

When taking any medication, you should keep the time between taking the pills and the miracle drink. At least two hours should pass before and after taking medication.

On a note!

It is better to filter the finished drink through gauze in several layers. It is better to store tea kvass in the refrigerator, it becomes tastier. It is desirable to instruct the drink for a week, but if desired, you can try it already on the 4th day. In order not to forget about the first day of the sourdough and not to overexpose the mushroom, it is better to write down the date on a piece of paper. For a newborn, thin mushroom, until it grows a lot of water does not need to be poured into a jar, a little less than a liter will be enough.

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