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Korean Fashion in Summer 2020

Korean fashion for the summer season 2020 is characterized by a combination of global trends in the fashion industry and what the people of this country have chosen from the many proposals of designers, guided by their own preferences.

Korean fashion

The features of the country’s fashion trends include a plethora of trends, from ultra-modern avant-garde looks with a harmonious combination of seemingly incompatible things to vintage outfits with cute details in the form of lace, frills or puffy puffed sleeves.

Korean fashion for summer 2020

summer fashion

Korean fashion trends

summer fashion

Street fashion also includes classic looks with bright details or sports outfits with a summer accent.

street fashion

Distinctive features of the season: panama hats, wide trousers (including denim), pastel colors, attention to detail (collars, ruffles, prints).

trendy look for summer 2020

summer look

Focus on collars

The classic button-down shirt has been a staple of the summer wardrobe since the beginning, and recently a micro-trend has appeared in the Instagram feeds – large collars.

Blouses with large collars and cuffs that range in shape from pointed options to lace or ruffles.

Oversized collared shirts can create a simple, minimalist look on their own. But in combination with a sweater or cardigan, you get a sophisticated vintage style.

big collar

Cropped jackets

In the summer of 2020, jackets, including oversized ones, still remain in the wardrobe of fashionable girls around the world. Korea is no exception here.

But a new trend that is gaining popularity is cropped blazers. This trend is also liked due to the fact that cropped jackets visually lengthen the legs, make you look taller and slimmer.

cropped jacket

short jacket

Open back

Whether on social media or online, backless tops are all the rage this spring and summer. Completely modest in front with a contrastingly shockingly open back, these models are very popular with stylish Instagram girls.

Apparently, after everyone has been wearing sweatshirts for a long time, this fashion trend is a great excuse to finally show off skin.

Open back

open back blouse

puffed sleeves

Korean fashion offers many variations of cute tops and dresses, but this season the focus is on puffy sleeves. The voluminous sleeve of different shapes and sizes dominates fashion wardrobes not only in Korea.

This trend is easy to implement – just wear a cute flare sleeve top with jeans or a mini skirt, and you’re all set for a bright look!

puffed sleeves

puff sleeve blouse


A new trend for men is over-the-knee shorts or Bermuda shorts. Some may already have them in their wardrobe.

However, Bermuda shorts this season are not only for relaxing on the beach, but also become an addition to everyday wear. To fully match, you should choose wide and long models that almost cover the knees.


Despite some isolation, Korean summer fashion successfully follows global trends and allows you to create interesting stylish images with the help of small accents.

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