Lace-up shoes over trousers: a must-have trend for the summer season 2020

Despite the pandemic in the world in 2020, clothing and footwear brands continue to come up with interesting trends. This time the company Bottega Veneta in the spring-summer collection presented a new fashion statement – shoe laces tied over trousers. It looks extraordinary and will suit people who are used to standing out from the crowd.



This trend will look very nice with or without heeled sandals, as well as with platform sneakers, it all depends on the imagination and the presence of lacing. True, fashionistas cheated and wrap their pants with separate laces that match the color of the shoes.

lace-up shoes


Most often they use fabric pants or jeans. If they are wide pants, they produce a flared effect, but you can’t use the flare itself, because it will look too much. The main condition for any trousers in a fashion trend is that they must be no higher than the ankles, otherwise the image will not make the expected impression.

lacing over pants


Lots of lacing options:

  • chaotic lacing: multi-layered, random dressing around the leg – this way is “hooligan”, but charming and creates the effect of voluminous “lantern” sleeves;
  • “flared” effect: this was mentioned above – one turn of the lace around the leg looks strict and elegant;
  • separate laces: this is a convenient way, because any shoes are used for it, up to moccasins. The main thing is to find the laces by color, and voila – the look is super stylish and trendy.

lacing methods

lacing option

types of lacing

The length of the lacing can be adjusted by yourself – it is permissible to tie up to the knee! It is also advisable to choose shoes that contrast sharply in color with trousers so that the lacing becomes noticeable.


There are variations of the tie trend: these are pants with drawstring cuffs or with lacing on the pants themselves. It looks very stylish, but it will hardly be appropriate to wear it to formal events, unlike the classics of the trend.

drawstring on trousers


Depends on the mood

An image with such shoes can be easily beaten. If you look closely, this style is associated with a military theme, which is ideal for people who prefer a “rough” image. For such a composition, clothes are selected in the same range.

Lovers of “romance” can use lace-up shoes and combine them with cargo pants and blouses. It is also interesting to try to replace the pants – a delicate dress and sandals with lacing on a bare foot will add lightness and sophistication to the image.

lace-up jeans

fashionable lacing

The look with laces over shoes is bold and extraordinary. Stylists believe that this fashion will not last long in the fashion industry, but, nevertheless, for girls who want to add spice to their image, this trend will be a good idea.

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