Laconic and feminine images with overalls for New Year’s Eve 2021

Every year the same question arises: “How to celebrate New Year’s Eve?” Dresses are a universal option, but sometimes you want to choose something more unusual. You can look beautiful and elegant not only in a dress, but also in overalls. In this article, we have made a selection of seven current models of rompers.

Among the trends for 2021, corsets take a special place, reflecting the style of the Victorian era or burlesque dancers. Corsets beautifully emphasize the waist and chest, making the silhouette more refined. Due to the open top, the variant of the romper with a corset top will stand out from other outfits.

For a more elegant look, floor-length jumpsuits made of velvet or satin fabric are suitable: such materials always add even more nobility and luxury to a festive bow.

Sequins are a shining trend that has been holding on for several years. Glitter becomes especially relevant on New Year’s Eve, as this is one of the few days when you can look more bright and festive.

Everyone has their own complexes: not everyone is ready to wear short or tight clothes. If you want to hide the volume of the hips and visually reduce the waist, then a model with a free bottom and an open neckline will do.

A strict classic look is an option that will be appropriate for any holiday. You can give preference to trouser or tweed fabric, and if you want to add a twist, then a combination of several textures, for example, trouser fabric with satin or sequins, will help to dilute the laconic look.

The outfit as a whole will look completely different thanks to an unusual detail. A bow or frill in the area of ​​sadness can enliven the silhouette, also due to the voluminous top, the waist becomes visually smaller.

Aesthetics of avant-gardism is increasingly appearing on the podium. Asymmetry is another way to look different. The reconstructed look will make you feel unique due to the unusual cut and silhouette.

With all of the above models, classic pumps, sandals with a thin membrane or mules will look harmonious. Any outfit can always be complemented with accessories in the form of long earrings or a necklace. Today, any length is relevant: the choice of maxi or mini should depend only on the mood. In the color scheme, it is better to give preference to noble shades – these are strict black, metallic and pastel colors. Each of the selected images will look elegant and appropriate in a restaurant or at home.

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