Large houndstooth: place of print in spring 2021 looks

Houndstooth is a classic pattern for jackets and skirts. This print entered the women’s wardrobe in the early 20s and fell in love with most designers. “Houndstooth” in various colors was present in the collections of Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, Gucci and Balmain and other modern brands.

In the spring of 2021, Princess Diana’s favorite pattern is once again a fashion trend, but now the pattern is large and not only on tweed suits.

Bright coats

A coat is a wardrobe staple, but in bright colors with a Scottish print, it seems too bold. Although in fact, such outerwear is combined with different styles from jeans and sweaters to blouses with stones.

Designers suggest in the spring of 2021 to give preference not to classic colors, but to colored coats. Blue, cherry, dark blue, red “houndstooth” – the squeak of fashion next season.

Evening dresses

Although tweed fabric is not very suitable for evening or cocktail dresses, but if it is a fashionable print, then everything is appropriate.

The silhouette is decorated with plain belts or scarves to balance the active print.

Sports sweatshirt

At first glance, it seems that such a pattern is not for sportswear. But a classic, that’s why it is a classic, as it is appropriate always and everywhere.

Knitted tracksuits with Scottish patterns are back in fashion.

The most diverse colors are welcome – from the standard black and white version to bright yellow-purple “crow’s feet”.

Scottish motif accessories

Textile bags, backpacks and even clutches with a pied-de-poule pattern are no longer a novelty. But in spring, the emphasis is on leather bags with multi-colored inserts in the form of a large pattern. Moreover, they can be textile, leather and suede.

In addition, eco-leather briefcases with large paws are in trend.

Jacket of the original form

A three-button tweed jacket with a turn-down collar is a classic option, but for a teacher or an accountant. In the fashion of spring 2021, custom-shaped jackets: bomber, poncho, bolero, spencer.

The print is combined with any finishes and non-standard solutions: with a zipper, under the belt, with decor from another material.

Such a versatile jacket will be in fashion for more than one season, and most importantly, you can wear it for different styles and styles.

It is not for nothing that all fashion houses love the Scottish pattern so much, the whole secret of it is in simplicity and versatility. There is no thing that this drawing did not fit, which means that it will be relevant not only in the current season.

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