Laser carbon peeling of the face: before and after application

In order to maintain the beauty and elasticity of the skin of the face and décolleté, it is necessary to regularly do cosmetic procedures. One of the most important stages of skin care is peeling. It allows you to get rid of dead cells, promotes restoration and renewal. The latest innovation is laser carbon peeling. This procedure is performed in many beauty salons. Many Russians have already used it.

When using it, the action of a laser and a unique gel mask, which includes carbon dioxide, are combined. It is also called nanogel. This drug penetrates deep into the skin, attracts the remnants of sebum and dirt particles. In turn, laser beams evaporate dead cells of the epidermis and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, smooth the surface of the skin, and destroy the pathogenic flora.

Stages of a cosmetic procedure

  1. A nanogel is applied to the surface of the skin. After it has dried up, laser treatment with a neodymium beam is carried out. It “undermines” the smallest particles of the gel. This complex procedure accelerates the rejection of dead cells. At the first stage, the surface of the skin is cleaned, but no deep impact is made.
  2. With the help of laser photothermolysis, deep tissue heating is performed. As a result, the process of cell regeneration, the production of elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid is enhanced.

Before peeling, cosmetologists advise to eliminate all foci of inflammation. This is especially true for chronic ones. You also need to find out if the patient also has an individual hypersensitivity to carboxylic acid. This will help avoid allergic reactions in the future. Before starting the procedure, the skin is cleaned with antiseptic preparations and only then the nanogel is applied. After it has dried up, the skin areas begin to be treated with laser pulses. They activate microprocesses that occur in the deep layers of the epidermis.

What sensations does a woman experience during laser carbon peeling? Most cleansing procedures are uncomfortable and painful. But the developers of the new method ensured that all negative factors were excluded. During the peeling, the patient feels only heat. The absence of pain is one of the many advantages of laser carbon peeling. Very rarely, after the procedure, slight redness occurs on the skin. They completely disappear after a couple of hours. Peeling is best done before the weekend. A day after it, there may be peeling of the skin. If necessary, it can be hidden with a foundation or corrector.

The duration of the procedure does not exceed 20 minutes. The break between sessions is 6-7 days. The number of procedures is prescribed by the cosmetologist, taking into account the existing problems and the desired result. You can spend them at any age, they have no seasonal restrictions.

Indications for the use of laser carbon peeling

This method of facial cleansing is recommended for use in the presence of the following factors:

  • dull loose skin;
  • permanent oily sheen;
  • sagging facial contour;
  • the presence of deep and mimic wrinkles;
  • extensive pigmented areas;
  • significant areas of the skin are prone to acne;
  • the presence of large enlarged pores;
  • early signs of aging.

Thus, peeling eliminates the problems that are characteristic of different ages. Girls – from teenage acne and acne, women – from the first wrinkles and skin fading. Your beauty is overshadowed by age spots? And this problem can be dealt with thanks to laser carbon peeling. You will get rid of oily sheen and enlarged pores. After peeling, the contour of the face will improve, the skin will become taut and will acquire a healthy appearance. But unfortunately, it is not always possible to use it.

Contraindications for this type of cleaning

  • the presence of injuries on the skin;
  • infectious diseases in the body;
  • installed pacemaker;
  • the presence of implants or piercings;
  • diabetes;
  • the presence of neoplasms and colloid scars;
  • allergic reaction to the components of the peeling.

This method of cleansing is strictly forbidden to use during pregnancy, when diagnosing oncological and chronic diseases. It is forbidden to carry out this procedure for nursing mothers.

“After” peeling

Thanks to the use of nanogel, it is possible to achieve a stable bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. The skin color is visibly evened out, and dead cells are intensively exfoliated.

After laser carbon peeling, the following is observed:

  • narrowing of enlarged pores;
  • significant rejuvenating effect;
  • the optimal intercellular exchange is restored;
  • pigmentation decreases or completely disappears;
  • small mimic wrinkles are eliminated;
  • deep wrinkles are reduced;
  • acne and pimples disappear;
  • a healthy and fresh complexion is restored;
  • the metabolic process and metabolic reactions in the skin are normalized.

This procedure has significant advantages over other types of cleansing. Firstly, during its implementation there are absolutely no painful sensations. Secondly, there is no recovery period. Thirdly, the result is noticeable after the end of the first procedure. It can be done even in adolescence. During this period, the skin of a teenager is very often problematic and becomes the reason for the development of numerous complexes. Carbon peeling effectively copes with this problem and does not cause harm to health. After the peeling, the patient can use decorative cosmetics and apply makeup.

Women who have already done this type of peeling were satisfied with the results of the procedure. Cosmetologists recommend 3-5 sessions. The first result will be noticeable after the second session. To avoid the appearance of pigmentation, doctors recommend using sunscreen for one month after peeling. The cost of one session depends on the treated area. Pleasure is not the cheapest. But it’s worth it.

The beauty and youth of the skin is hard work. The cleansing procedure must be carried out regularly and at all ages. Only in this case you will be able to preserve the beauty and health of the skin for many years. The technology of laser carbon peeling was developed quite recently, but thousands of women have already done this procedure and forgot about their skin problems. On the Internet you can find many reviews and photos of women before and after peeling. The result is healthy and beautiful skin. If you are approaching a…

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