Laser hair removal of the upper lip: number of procedures, contraindications, reviews

A mustache above the upper lip can spoil even the most beautiful female face. There are plenty of ways to get rid of hated hairs, but not all are suitable for the sensitive area. One of the most effective is considered to be laser hair removal of the upper lip. This article will tell you how this achievement of cosmetology works, what are the limitations and contraindications, how many procedures are needed, as well as the pros and cons of laser hair removal and reviews of those who have tried this method on themselves.

How it works?

The essence of laser hair removal is the destruction of the hair follicle by heating it. The beam heats the hair, affecting the pigment – melanin, destroying the follicle along with the vessel that feeds it. The skin is not damaged, since the laser acts directly on the follicle. It takes a specialist about 5-7 minutes to process the area of ​​the upper lip. Do not be afraid that after the procedure, the hairs remain on the surface of the skin. They will begin to fall out on their own after about ten days. For this period, you need to be patient, do not pull them out with tweezers or wax.

What types of laser hair removal are there?

In modern cosmetology, three main types of laser are used. They differ in the wavelength of the emitted light, the energy of the radiation, and the frequency of the pulses.

  • Alexandrite – works best on pale, untanned skin with fairly fine hairs of moderate pigmentation. When using it, skin coolants are used, as a burning sensation often occurs. The ideal patient for an alexandrite laser is a white-skinned brunette.
  • Diode laser hair removal worldwide is recognized as the most effective and painless – the “gold standard”. It is used on both light and dark skin. The diode laser, unlike other types, copes well with blond and red hair. This type of laser hair removal allows you to permanently get rid of hair in an average of 4-6 sessions. Another plus of the diode laser is the short procedure time. It will take 10 minutes to treat the lower legs, 15-20 minutes for a deep bikini, and only about 5 minutes for the armpits and upper lip area.
  • The neodymium laser has the greatest depth of impact, therefore it is mainly used to remove spider veins, age spots and tattoos, rather than epilation. In addition, its effect is very painful, crusts often form.

Contraindications for holding

Laser hair removal has certain limitations, be sure to consult a beautician before the procedure.

  • malignant tumors;
  • moles and warts at the epilation site;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • diabetes;
  • various rashes: allergies, acne, herpes;
  • skin after sunbathing, burns;
  • acute infectious diseases.

How many sessions do you need to take?

The number of procedures ranges from 6 to 15, depending on the individual characteristics of the body: skin color, color, hair structure, hormonal levels. After the first session, about 30% of the hair falls out – only those that are visible on the surface of the skin and are in the phase of active growth. The second stage of the procedure is prescribed after 6 weeks – when the hairs grow from the previously “sleeping” bulbs. Further procedures are carried out every two weeks. Over time, the hair becomes thinner, less visible, and eventually stops growing altogether.

Please note: Doctors call the zone of the upper lip hormone-dependent. In the case of hormonal disorders, laser hair removal will be short-term. You need to eliminate the root cause together with your doctor.

How to prepare for the procedure

Special preparation for the removal of antennae with a laser is not required. The main rule is to avoid sunbathing two weeks before the procedure and two weeks after it. You don’t need to shave anything, especially since you can’t use wax, shugaring, tweezers. On the day of the procedure, you should not use creams, lotions, and other cosmetics.

Many women worry that laser hair removal is very painful. Feelings in the process of hair removal are a little unpleasant, there is a tingling and burning sensation. If you have a low pain threshold, you can apply Emla anesthetic cream 30 minutes before the session and cover with a film. But, as a rule, this is not required. The session lasts for several minutes, after which panthenol is applied to the skin, which has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. The redness goes away within a few hours.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any cosmetic intervention, hair removal above the upper lip has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • after laser hair removal, you will forget about excess vegetation for several years;
  • the procedure takes only a few minutes, it is easy to fit it into a busy work schedule;
  • the appearance of the skin improves: the problem of ingrown hairs disappears, the relief is leveled;
  • laser hair removal of the upper lip is quite affordable (compared to other areas).


  • the laser is powerless in front of fluffy and gray hairs;
  • quite a lot of sessions may be required for complete hair removal;
  • you must be sure of the serviceability, quality of the equipment, as well as the high qualification of the specialist, otherwise the desired result will not be;
  • relative pain of the procedure.


Impressions after laser hair removal of the upper lip are different, but all women in their reviews note a significant decrease in the number of hairs.

Elena: “I never plucked my antennae, I had them, although not too dark, but there were a lot of hairs. After the first procedure, the hairs seemed to be “burnt”, the skin became smooth. True, a slight redness remained for a couple of hours, which the beautician treated with panthenol. At the moment, five procedures have passed, there are several thin and almost colorless hairs left.”

Natalya: “All my life I suffered with my“ hussar mustache ”. She didn’t do anything: she plucked, she shaved. If it weren’t for a friend who talked about laser hair removal, she would probably still scare passers-by. Who is afraid of pain, in vain – with tweezers it hurts much more! It took about six months, but now the skin is absolutely smooth. ”

Lilia: “After the first session, there was much less hair above the lip. After a month, new ones break through, but very thin ones. I went six times, no burns, irritations. ”

Tamara: “Due to problems with hormones, I grew a mustache and hair on my chin. Tweezers tired of pulling out terribly. I decided to go for laser hair removal. As I was warned, I will not get rid of hair forever, while hormones are naughty. But still, there are already much fewer hairs, I did it once …

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