Laser rejuvenation

It is no secret that after 30 years our skin undergoes age-related changes, which manifests itself in the appearance of wrinkles, flabbiness and, in general, its elasticity is significantly reduced. With such problems, of course, any self-respecting woman needs to fight. Fortunately, today medicine is capable of the impossible.

You can get a facelift if you have unlimited finances, visit regular spas and a beautician, but it is much safer to overcome the problem using a non-surgical method.

A few years ago, the only way to combat skin aging was the well-known standard laser resurfacing, in which most of the skin was almost completely burned out. And due to the fact that the old layers of the skin are eliminated, the skin is completely restored, new fibers are synthesized. Due to the thermal effect of laser beams, skin cells come to life again, blood flow in the cells of the epidermis is activated.

Medicine is improving and every year there are more effective methods of dealing with age-related changes in the skin of the face and body.

Today, laser rejuvenation is the most powerful alternative to plastic surgery. By choosing this method of combating natural aging, you will get rid of nasolabial folds and mimic wrinkles, which, alas, do not look aesthetically pleasing, and often cause unnecessary complexes.

Laser rejuvenation does not affect the rhythm of a person’s life in any way, the rehabilitation period is obscenely short, that is, after a short period of time, the patient can safely go to work and live a normal life. On average, the rejuvenation procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the technology used. The doctor selects the number of sessions individually.

Benefits of the laser procedure

  • it does not leave marks, scars, stains and other things. The maximum inconvenience is slight reddening of the skin, which disappears after a few hours.
  • has no side effects.
  • almost complete painlessness.
  • short course (about 6 procedures with an interval of 3 days).

The results of laser rejuvenation are

  • improvement of skin structure,
  • lifting effect,
  • smoothing of small mimic wrinkles,
  • elimination of age spots,
  • restoration of blood circulation in the skin, due to which its regeneration increases by approximately 40%.

Fractional resurfacing treatment

The latest technology in the field of non-surgical rejuvenation is a fractional laser procedure with a special effect on skin cells, namely: a point effect on the skin with laser light occurs, due to which small thermal damage is formed on the skin with heating of neighboring tissues.

The principle of operation is that, passing through the scanner, the laser beams generate a microthermal zone of damage in the cells, which alternate with zones of intact skin. As a result, the cells are actively involved in restoring the integrity of the skin.

Therefore, the effect of fractional dermooptic thermolysis is more effective than with all other types of rejuvenation, and the occurrence of side effects is excluded. As a result, you achieve rejuvenation with a non-surgical facelift.

Fractional rejuvenation is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient is insured against uncomfortable pain and feels only a slight burning sensation. Within 3-5 days after the procedure, the skin becomes a little darker and flaky, so it is necessary to regularly apply healing ointments and creams prescribed by the doctor.

The main difference between fractional rejuvenation is that this procedure is long-term, although it is carried out in a minimum amount of time, depending on the area being treated. Modern equipment allows doctors to choose parameters taking into account the patient’s age and skin type, which ultimately leads to amazing results!

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