Learn how to apply gel polish at home

Girls have been wanting to learn how to apply gel polish at home ever since super-resistant top coat hit the mass market. It’s very convenient to create a stylish nail design in an impromptu nail salon right at home. And what a savings! In this article we talk about all the nuances of this idea. Also (failed to keep the intrigue!) we explain step by step the essence of the gel coating procedure.

Do-it-yourself gel polish manicure

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What will you need

The main point that stops girls from wanting to create a gel manicure for themselves is an extensive list of necessary tools. Indeed, the arsenal of the master turns out to be familiar. But such preparation is justified if you are going to pamper your nails with a new manicure with frequent intervals or provide these services at home.

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  • A UV lamp or LED is the main assistant to the master in creating gel polish designs. The cost of this device varies from 1500 and above. Chinese sites offer options and even cheaper.

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Note! The cost can directly affect the quality of the acquisition. Be sure to check the lamp power – the minimum value should be 36 watts (if you chose a UV lamp). The LED lamp is more expensive, but also durable.


UV lamp for gel manicure

However, it will not work with it to make a gel extension. Weigh the pros and cons and make your choice, because it is impossible to apply gel polish at home without a lamp.

  • You can not do without pushers, nail files, buffs, polishing, orange sticks and lint-free napkins. Don’t let this long list scare you. All these materials are of low cost. For example, a large set of nail files for beginners can be found for 100-200 rubles, and a set of 50 napkins costs only 70 rubles on a Chinese site.

The minimum set of accessories for manicure with gel polish

  • What we do not recommend saving on is manicure tweezers and scissors. You do not want to injure the skin and often change dull instruments. Therefore, visit a professional store to choose quality options.
  • A mandatory item in the arsenal of a manicure master at home is a degreaser, also known as a dehydrator. Without it, the whole process does not make sense, because the gel polish simply will not stay on the nails. This tool is designed to degrease natural keratin, as well as remove the sticky layer. Some girls use acetone or alcohol as an alternative to a dehydrator, but it’s not good enough for these tasks.

Professional set for gel manicure

  • It is recommended to apply gel polish with a primer. It is necessary for bonding nail keratin and varnish. It is in the use of a primer that the secret of the durability of a beautiful gel manicure lies. It also helps strengthen nails.
  • Of course, you can’t do without the gel coating itself and the top. Choose quality manufacturers, and then the result will really please you. The most famous and reliable brands are “CND. Shellac, Kodi, Naomi, Creator, My nail and Fox.

Palette of quality varnishes Kodi

We have listed the minimum list of nail master tools. Of course, you can supplement it with various care products and decorative elements. The quality of work, as well as the variety of manicure designs, depends on how rich your working arsenal will be.


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Application technology

It’s time to tell you how to apply gel polish at home with a lamp. You have already seen that if you stock up on all the necessary tools, you can create beauty on your nails right at home. However, doing a manicure for yourself is not so easy. Ideally, if you connect a girlfriend to this exciting business. So you can arrange a home beauty salon and make a beautiful manicure for each other. Act step by step according to our plan and you will succeed.

We do a manicure with gel polish at home

  • The whole process begins with a standard hygienic manicure procedure. Surely, you have already carried out all these manipulations with your nails many times, but just in case, we will remind you of the necessary actions. It’s great if you have some time left. So you can afford to make a steaming hand bath with caring ingredients (or just sea salt).
  • Then you need to properly prepare the nail plates. The quality and durability of the finished manicure depends on how responsibly you approach this. Cut the cuticle and remove the pterygium. Use a nail file to give your nails the desired shape. If they do not differ in strength, it is better to prefer a short or medium length.
  • Armed with a soft buff, remove the gloss from the nails. Next, you need to shake off all the dust that has formed with a brush.
  • Then comes the degreaser and primer. Do not skip these steps, and then the gel polish will lie down correctly and will delight you with its beauty for a long time.

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Note! The time between application of primer and top coat should not exceed 15 minutes.


  • As you may have guessed, the next step is to apply the base coat of the top. They need to cover the nail plates, carefully making sure that the product does not get on the cuticle.
  • Then comes the turn of applying colored varnish in 2 layers. The first one should be pretty thin. After applying it, put your nails under the lamp. The second layer is also baked in the lamp. If necessary, a third layer can be applied. It is better to spend time gradually applying layers and baking them one at a time than to get an uneven thick coating with bubbles.

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Important point! It is recommended to work out the thumbs separately so that the varnish on them does not flow out of the borders.


  • If you have been planning on decorating your nails, now is the best time to do so. Do not limit yourself to your imagination and feel free to connect rhinestones, stickers, sparkles and other decor to this process.

Simple home design ideas

  • To fix the manicure, apply a layer of top on the entire surface of the nails. The density of this coating should be such as to protect the design from chips and damage.
  • At the end of the work, remove the sticky layer from the nails. To do this, wipe them with a napkin with a degreaser. It will also be useful to moisturize the cuticles with a special tool or cream.

Step-by-step instructions for working with gel coating

You can also understand in detail how to apply gel polish from the video.


Beginner Tips

  • Never file nails that have already been gel polished. So you open access to moisture and air and destroy the integrity of the coating.
  • After you…

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