Learning to combine purple in clothes

The purple hue is very beautiful, but difficult to compose the image. You need to know exactly what color this unusual color in clothes is combined with in order to look elegant and stylish.


Purple color in clothes

Psychologists believe that purple is a very ambiguous shade, mysterious and mysterious. From the point of view of stylists, this color is quite complex and capricious, it is easy to “spoil” it or overshadow it with other colors, and as a result, the image will turn out to be ridiculous and sloppy.

And all because this color is a mixture of warm red and cold blue. The predominance of the first or second in color gives a different shade of purple – from lilac to eggplant.

Bright and modern options for bows. Details

Who suits purple?

Best of all, this color goes dark and dark-haired, it makes pale girls even paler, and their image is more inexpressive. Tanned blondes can also safely use both dark and light purple, well, girls who are just planning to tan can use this color in accessories. But in more detail:

  • swarthy brunettes can safely wear rich shades;
  • having chocolate-colored hair, you can safely wear violet or bright lilac blouses and dresses, but if the skin is too pale, then it is better to use cosmetics or get a little tan. You can also try light shades;
  • red-haired girls – you can wear rich purple in accessories or plum, grape and purple as the main clothes;
  • fair-skinned blondes and pale-skinned brunettes are best suited for cold shades – lavender, lilac, violet.

Winter look in muted colors

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[stextbox id=’info’]Important. Pantone’s color of the year 2018 is ultraviolet, so any purple outfits and combinations are among the current fashion trends.[/stextbox]

Learning to combine purple in clothes

A total bow in this color is a sign of a self-confident woman who is not afraid of attention and energetically strides towards a new day. But it is worth bearing in mind – the dark purple color is still gloomy. It would be nice to add something light to it in order to get rid of excessive drama in the appearance. But if the image has a combination of different shades of purple, it will be perfect.

Sports style look

Other fashion combinations:

  • with white, purple color is best in harmony in clothes. This combination gives the effect of lightness and airiness. You can often see white wedding dresses with splashes of purple – very original and beautiful. True, we do not recommend such a combination for girls with very pale skin, it will look even paler;

Classic white

  • With light, pastel tones – beige, cream, peach – purple immediately dominates the image and reveals itself to the fullest;

White and shades of milky

  • with gray – although this color is inexpressive, but in combination with purple it looks completely different. This combination will be appropriate for everyday style, and for business, and even for evening attire;

White and gray

  • with black will create an excellent image for an evening stylish bow. In the office, black and purple clothes can be worn if the dress code requires special rigor in the outfit;

Youth version of the bow

  • with green creates a harmonious duet. But you need to make sure that one of the colors is the main one, and the second one complements in detail. If there are a lot of these shades in the image, then we get an unpleasant slickness;

Bright combination with green

  • with mint color, violet looks more pleasant and stylish than with rich green;

It also looks interesting with blue

  • with yellow: the most winning combination will be the main purple with an additional yellow. The same will happen with gold. A purple dress with a golden clutch or shoes is very elegant and elegant;
  • with red, you can easily come up with an image for daring ladies. If a girl likes to be the center of attention, this is her color combination;

  • with pink, you can create romantic and delicate images. Ruffles, frills and puffy skirts will be appropriate;

Combination with pink

  • with blue or turquoise outfits are light and fresh, but more suitable for everyday life. Purple looks especially good with denim. Violet blouse and jeans – the perfect set for walking and meeting with friends;

Jeans with purple

  • with brown, you can create calm and elegant evening dresses;

Unusual combination of purple and brown

  • with orange – very bold and unexpected. True, you should be more careful to use such a duet for ladies with untanned skin.

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Purple and different shades of orange

To clearly see what color purple is best combined with in clothes, you can see a selection of photos of stylish women’s bows.

Purple and various shades of beige

[stextbox id=’info’]Clue. For women with lush volumes, a purple skirt or pants will help to visually reduce wide hips.[/stextbox]

Imaging tips:

  • light purple is easier to combine with other colors, it does not carry a strong load and is able to coexist with any shades, saturated or faded;

Violet short coat

  • dark purple in itself looks rich and saturated, and can pull the accent of the bow onto itself. It is better to go on about and add calm colors;

Mono-look and a combination of purple and black

  • black and white look classically luxurious with any shades;

  • when choosing accessories and jewelry for purple, it is worth “keeping the course” – for gold and yellow metal. A gold-plated chain on the bag, gold-colored shoes, a yellow belt and gold jewelry are perfect for a purple dress or outfit. Silver jewelry can also be, but together with purple they make a restrained and cold impression.

Intense color combination

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When choosing makeup for the image, it is worth remembering:

  • purple literally demands to be repeated in eye makeup;
  • It is not recommended to use lipstick to match the outfit. Even if it is slightly different in tone. It is better to choose scarlet, light pink or the 2019 trend – coral.

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Designers also offer manicures in shades of purple, but if you think that there will be too much, choose golden, silver, or calmer and discreet colors.

Looks from the catwalk

Purple for every day

This color can be used anywhere and at any event:

  • a bright shade should be the center of attention: let the coat, dress or maxi skirt be purple, and the rest – pastel or gray. One more saturated color is allowed (yellow, orange, green), but only as an accessory – shoes, handbags or hats;

  • for the lady in…

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