Leather dresses 2021: novelties and trends

Fashionable leather dresses in 2021 will allow every girl to create an expressive look. An outfit made of such material can be stylish and practical. The article tells about different models and color combinations of leather products.

What leather dresses will be in fashion in 2021

Designers say that the main trend of this year is femininity. What models to choose to stay in the trend of the season?

  • Sundress dress

This option is suitable for summer and spring. It will look harmoniously complete with a T-shirt, top or shirt. If you want to create an image with a leather sundress in the fall, then put on a turtleneck underneath. Over the knee boots or rough boots are suitable for short products.

  • Patent dress

One of the most extraordinary trends is patent leather. This outfit looks awesome. With him, a girl can create intrigue at any event. An unusual leather product is often combined with mesh or frilled sleeves. This addition makes the image more delicate and sophisticated.

  • Cloak dress

This is a great choice for spring, autumn or winter. The actual style of leather makes the owner of the outfit extravagant and strict. Designers have created fashionable leather dresses for 2021 in different variations: bold mini and reliable midi. Each of them gives a special charm to girls.

  • Strap dress

This sophisticated version has a fitted fit, thin straps and a neatly shaped neckline. For events where a cocktail dress code is provided, it is better to choose a black leather dress. It will harmoniously fit into the atmosphere. For every day, it is better to complement the look with a turtleneck, sweater or shirt.

  • mini dress

The most fashionable style this season is leather mini dresses. Designers settled on this length because it is quite versatile. Depending on the accessories with the mini, you can create a daytime and evening look.

  • Sheath dress with buttons

A fitted model of a leather dress is a beautiful option for special occasions. If you choose a product of light shades, then the image will turn out elegant and light. A black leather case will be more strict, but at the same time attractive.

  • Dress with voluminous shoulders

The masculine trend is still present in some of the women’s outfits this season. Fashion in the 2021 collections conveys this trend through leather products with massive shoulders. Models with a frill are suitable for lovers of delicate images. Options with strict voluminous lines in the shoulder area are designed for business women. Such dresses create a spectacular bow with a touch of extravagance.

  • Dress shirt

Another one of the popular styles of leather products. The universal model is suitable for different body types. For overweight women, a free silhouette is a way to correct the figure, smooth out any imperfections. An unobtrusive cut is suitable for daily walks and routine events.

Choice of color combinations for leather dresses

There is a large selection of leather clothing. Some products are made from several colors at once. Trendy dresses are presented in light and dark shades.

  • For holidays.

Black is still the most fashionable color, but designers have also created leather dresses in the 2021 collection in other colors. For a festive event, it is better to give preference to white, beige or other light colors. Pink, pale blue or peach will successfully complement the look for a romantic evening. Graceful models in black will be a good option for official meetings, visits to exhibitions and concerts.

  • On every day

For everyday wear, you can choose the desired model in dark colors: black, brown, dark blue, dark green or burgundy. Such colors are very practical, so they will not cause inconvenience in care.

  • For special occasions

Shop windows often feature short and long leather dresses in bright colors. One of them is suitable for a meeting where you want to stand out. A dress made of purple, burgundy, red or deep pink leather will not leave you without attention.

If this is the first leather item in the wardrobe, then it is better to choose a model in black. You can choose a color alternative later.

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What to wear with leather dresses?

Fashion trends present many options for combining leather products with other clothes, shoes and accessories. To create a harmonious image, you can take a few tips to note.

A sheath, trapezoid or A-line dress gives the girl elegance and charm. To complete the picture, take stilettos, boots on a small platform or over the knee boots. From accessories, pay attention to a clutch or a small bag with a strap. For leather dresses, not only leather jackets are suitable, but also a jacket. It is best to wear a cropped jacket, which will emphasize the figure favorably.

For young girls, it would be appropriate to combine a dress with massive shoes. With this way it is better not to wear voluminous jewelry, so as not to overdo it.

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If you settled on a dress with a fluffy skirt, straps, small sleeves and lace, then you need to complement it with minimalist jewelry. Fashionable leather dresses from famous designers of the 2021 collection are best decorated with pendants or bracelets, photos from the shows confirm this. Jewelry should emphasize the romantic atmosphere.

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