Leather dresses 2023: fashion trends

Leather is the preferred material. From season to season, its demand remains consistently high. The world of big fashion has come to the point that even atypical things have been created from leather, up to underwear. Leather coats, raincoats, trousers, skirts and shorts remain invariably relevant. Without them, it is already impossible to imagine the wardrobe of a modern fashionista. The coming season promises to be rich in interesting fashionable, stylish, noticeable and varied novelties. Moreover, both natural and eco-leather are in trend, so even for ardent defenders of nature there is something suitable. Let’s discuss trendy leather dresses for 2023.



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Color range and styles

When creating an image, you need to carefully consider the features of the chosen outfit. Indeed, despite the uncompromising style in an unsuccessfully selected leather dress, you can look out of place, and sometimes even vulgar. Other models, on the contrary, are able to make a fashionista truly feminine and elegant.

In 2023, both glossy and matte models of leather dresses will be available to ladies. The color scheme inherent in them will also be diverse, ranging from classic black, white, beige and plum colors, to natural shades, such as dark green or brown. You can pay attention to brighter skin, for example, in the trendy color Viva Magenta from Panton.



Fasons leather dresses in 2023 are also diverse. Fashionistas can choose maxi, midi, mini, oversize of any cut. Including with an interesting decor – fringe, belt, buttons, rivets and even lace.

Fashionable leather dresses in the season 2023

The coming year will delight fashionistas with many interesting design solutions: strict classics and romantic playfulness, elegance and youthful rebellion. In a word, leather is such a supple material that it easily embodies all fashionable ideas. Pay attention to the following popular dress models in 2023.

  • trench coat. Option for late spring or early autumn. This model looks original and quite harmonious for the off-season, because it resembles a stylish coat or raincoat. Complemented with a fold-down collar, buttons and a belt that accentuates the waist, it helps to create a very feminine look. A trench dress looks equally good with boots, ankle boots, ankle boots or heels. Suitable for moderately cool weather.


  • Mini dress. Leather dresses in 2023 are represented by models of different lengths, including a flirty mini. Moreover, close attention should be paid to straight or trapezoidal cut styles, and not fitted ones. In this case, the sleeve can be of any length – short or below the elbow. This model looks equally good on young girls and older ladies, but it opens up the legs. Therefore, it is more suitable for women of fashion with beautiful slender legs.


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  • Oversized dress. Oversized clothing has been an undeniable trend for several seasons in a row. He touched, among other things, leather dresses. Shirt cut models will be especially popular in 2023. But not only them. You can also pay attention to stylish trapezoid midi length dresses (to the middle of the lower leg), which are also suitable for overweight women. Wearing an oversized dress, if desired, you can emphasize the waist with a belt or belt.


  • Wrap dress. Among the trendy ones is a wrap dress. The model is quite tight-fitting, and will suit first of all slender girls. In the walls of the office, dresses with the smell of black, brick, brown, beige colors will look good. But no less stylish option will be models of bright or vice versa pastel shades: red, pink, blue, lilac. The hottest trend is midi and maxi lengths.


  • Sundress dress. Among the leather dresses for 2023, models resembling sundresses are also presented. Current fashion trends allow you to wear this style. Most often, they are sewn long, below the knee, and are suitable for women of fashion of various builds, including curvy ones. In summer, a leather sundress can be worn with a top or tank top, and in colder weather, it is worth picking up a top with closed sleeves, such as a turtleneck, but at the same time in a harmonious color scheme. Such a bow would be appropriate even for women over 50.


  • Cocktail Dress. An evening bodycon dress made of leather up to or just below the knee is ideal for a nightclub party or a romantic meeting with your loved one. It goes well with stylish stilettos, sandals and a variety of accessories. One of the most popular and elegant options is a black leather cocktail dress.


  • Combined dresses. In addition to leather for sewing dresses, inserts of other materials can also be used – denim, chiffon, stretch and even lace. This addition looks incredibly stylish and adds chic to a fashionable bow. The image created with this model is suitable for a festive event. Additionally, a lady can throw a cape or stole over her shoulders, matching the texture and color scheme with the outfit.


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Fashion 2023 gives you the opportunity to express yourself with the help of decor. Lots of options. These include fringe, which is popular this season, and appliqués, and embroidery, and even metal spikes. All this fits perfectly into youth style.


In the photos above, you saw a lot of models of leather dresses for 2023, clearly demonstrating all the trends of the season. Despite the fact that leather is more associated with jackets and raincoats, it can also be used for tailoring dresses of various cuts that will suit any fashionista.

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