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Leather items in the spring wardrobe 2020

Leather will never go out of style. The only caveat: each season requires a special approach to choosing trendy items. For the spring of 2020, it is worth choosing clothes that will make the bow fashionable.

Leather goods

Leather Jacket

An element that has taken its place in the wardrobe of fashionistas for centuries. The classic jacket is suitable for slender girls. A short, fitted jacket will accentuate a graceful waist.

Jacket with 3/4 sleeves

But when choosing a wardrobe for spring 2020, you need to pay attention to some fashion trends. In the new season, jackets will be in trend:

  • with V-neck;
  • with a round neck;
  • with stand-up collar;
  • with a non-standard voluminous collar;
  • with 3/4 sleeves;
  • with sleeves “bell” and “flashlight”;
  • with peplum decoration and ruffles;
  • with fabric inserts.

In 2020, not only classic leather jackets are relevant, but also elongated jackets.

Leather coat

Short leather coat

Spring greets Russians with sunless, cool weather. A raincoat is the kind of clothing that will allow you not to freeze and at the same time look stylish.

Characteristics for which it is recommended to choose a fashionable raincoat in 2020:

  • midi length;
  • wide collar;
  • massive belt.

An oversized raincoat looks actual. This style is suitable for women with any size and type of figure.

Leather jackets and jackets

Spectacular leather jackets and jackets. Such things will complement both the office bow and everyday.

Slightly fitted leather jacket

When choosing, you should pay attention to cropped, fitted jackets and cardigans. The image will be elegant and stylish. Suitable for women of any age and with a variety of style preferences – both for lovers of the classics and for girls with a non-standard approach to choosing a wardrobe.

Leather skirts and dresses

Leather dresses and skirts are the ultimate in sexy and glamorous style. These are the main elements of the wardrobe, which are distinguished by attractiveness, seductiveness and femininity. Such clothes give chic to a woman, making the image attractive to the opposite sex.

Short sleeve leather dress

Both dresses and skirts, created from noble material, are suitable for all occasions. This clothing is relevant for work, and for a romantic date, and for a business meeting, and for walking around the city.

In the spring of 2020, a fitted silhouette is in trend. Skirts are preferable with an overstated belt ala corset. Such a style will favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure, hide the flaws. Dresses are also cut in a fitted silhouette or framed with a belt.

When choosing a dress and skirt, pay attention to the presence of fashionable details:

  • asymmetrical cut;
  • cutout;
  • original smell;
  • fringe addition;
  • decoration with lace, appliqués, embroidery.

The skirt and dress can be both tight-fitting and light, airy.

Leather pencil skirt

A pencil skirt and a straight dress are a classic of the genre. But it is important to remember: tight dresses and skirts emphasize the curves of the figure. If the parameters of the body are far from ideal, it is better to prefer a free cut.

Length – mini or midi. A girl in a short leather skirt looks seductive – tight-fitting or loose, with folds. But such a bow is unlikely to fit a work dress code. For work, knee length is better.

Leather pants

Initially, black leather pants were associated exclusively with a rock look. For girls who do not adhere to an informal style, such clothing was irrelevant and even prohibited. However, in the spring of 2020, leather trousers are an indispensable element of the wardrobe of fashionable girls.

Fitted pants

How to choose leather pants:

  • high waist;
  • tight or slightly loose;
  • the presence of a bow on the back or side of the belt;
  • with pockets;
  • long or shortened to the ankle.

It is important to choose clothes that are not only fashionable, but also suitable for the features of the figure. Leather is a very delicate material that draws attention not only to the girl, but also to the nuances of her forms. For example, cropped trousers are good only for women with slender and long legs, and they can only be worn with heels. Otherwise, short leather trousers visually “cut off” growth and make legs shorter.

Leather shirt

Regular fit leather shirt

One of the most unusual and original trends of the new spring season is a leather shirt. This material adds an element of luxury to a classic blouse. The style is standard, strict. However, you can pick up a more interesting model – with embroidery, tucks.

In the spring of 2020, you can experiment. For example, choose an unusual cut – an asymmetrical collar, short sleeves or a shirt length. A similar element of the wardrobe will make a style icon out of a girl.

A leather shirt is a versatile option. Suitable for any occasion, and most importantly – harmoniously combined with different clothes.

Leather jumpsuit

In the spring season, jumpsuits are always relevant. The standard bow is a classic denim jumpsuit. However, fashion dictates new, bolder trends.

Sleeveless leather jumpsuit

Leather jumpsuit is a combination of boldness, glamorous chic and sophistication of taste. The style does not differ in any innovations, but the material creates an absolutely original impression.

The advantage of the jumpsuit is that only one element embodies a full-fledged, complete image. On cool spring days, a light raincoat, jacket or cape on the shoulders will help to keep warm.

Leather shorts

Shorts should be kept short as long or breeches are an outdated fashion.

Soft leather shorts

But leather shorts must be treated with care. The short cut opens the legs to the maximum, so they must be in perfect condition.
Shorts can be monotonous, with pockets, ruffles on the edges or with an original tuck. Suitable for any top, ideally combined with a light sweater, and with a sweatshirt, and with a blouse, and with a top under a jacket or a leather jacket.

Leather gloves

When creating a fashionable image, do not forget about accessories. Every stylish lady should have gloves: they will keep you warm in the first months of spring.

To create a complete bow, classic short gloves are suitable. If the image is more daring and daring, you can experiment with cropped ones, without fingers (the final chord under a leather jacket and shorts).

For business style, wear long gloves. Suitable for a raincoat or jacket with 3/4 sleeves.

High Fingerless Gloves

Color palette

When visualizing the image, most girls imagine leather items in classic black. However, in 2020, the boundaries of the color palette can be safely expanded.

Skin color has practically no restrictions and is selected according to the personal preferences of the fashionista. Current colors for the spring season:

  • gray;
  • coffee;
  • brown;
  • purple;
  • blue;
  • burgundy;
  • white;
  • emerald.

Leather items - fashion trend 2020

Leather items in the wardrobe will create a spectacular look. But in order to be in trend, it is recommended to follow some rules in the selection of clothes according to the trends of the new season.

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