Leather pants: fashion combinations

What to wear with leather pants to make them look appropriate, stylish and not vulgar? It is this question that we have to answer today, because it is more relevant than ever. And all because things made of leather this season are incredibly in demand. Almost every designer at Fashion Week paid a lot of attention to this area. We should do exactly the same. After all, everyone knows that with the help of leather pants you can create a surprisingly attractive and non-trivial fashionable bow that will be appropriate even in winter.

Fashionable images with leather trousers

Varieties of models

So, before we understand how to wear leather pants in 2019, let’s define the most popular types of models.

Fashionable leather and suede trousers

  • Classic leather trousers. What could be easier? Straight cut, slightly tapered hem, perfect fit and perfect combination with any style and any item from your wardrobe – all this makes the familiar classics absolutely indispensable.

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  • Skinny. Incredibly popular trend among all slender fashionistas. Why slender? Yes, because these trousers fit the figure like a second skin. Already from this it becomes clear that they are not suitable for every lady. As for creating an image with the help of such pants, here, as with the classics, everything is extremely simple. Skinnies are universal in wearing, which means that they will suit absolutely any life situation, be it a party or a business meeting.

Forget low-rise trousers

  • Leather pants-pipes. Another great choice for stylish fashionistas who do not accept pretentiousness. Pipes are one of the most favorite models of leather trousers, and all because it is also easy to create an interesting and non-trivial look with them without too much difficulty and hassle.
  • Cropped leather trousers. Just want to note that this model is also not suitable for everyone. But, if you have slender long legs, then this is definitely your option. Girls of short stature can wear short leather pants with high-heeled shoes.

Stylish burgundy and leather items

  • Wide pants. This model is not for everyone, although it also has its own fan club. Ladies with any build can wear wide leather trousers, because they even make them a little slimmer. But here the material should be chosen more carefully. For example, a shiny texture can throw you a couple of extra kilos.


  • Flare pants are not the most popular type of leather pants right now, but some fans of retro fashion willingly replenish their wardrobes with them. What can you say about flared trousers? Perhaps their main advantage is that with the help of an expanding bottom, they will hide some of the unevenness of the legs or the fullness of the calves. Combining flares with other staples in your wardrobe is also easy enough, so if you have an irresistible desire to stand out, leather flares are what you need.

Stylish looks with wide leather trousers

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Leather pants don’t have to be fancy. A few rivets or a couple of zippers at most. A waist belt is also allowed. But, this is the maximum decoration for such a self-sufficient model of clothing.[/stextbox]

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What to wear with leather pants

So we got to the most basic question – what to wear with leather pants. Below you will find out all the answers to it, and also see a lot of photos that will fully reveal the secrets of a successful bow to you.

Casual look with leather pants

  • Oversized sweatshirts, sweaters, blazers and hoodies. Needless to say, this option is considered the most advantageous. Please note that many fashionistas purposefully compose their bow in such a way that tight leather pants and a voluminous top emphasize their femininity and fragility of the figure. And everything turns out very harmoniously. Tight trousers and a voluminous jacket are the first formula for your success. They perfectly complement each other, not allowing congestion in the image. Plus, it’s very convenient.

How to wear wide leather trousers

[stextbox id=’info’]Important. Black is considered the best color for leather trousers. But it can also be different. So, for a casual look, choose it in a matte version, and for evening walks or parties – in a glossy sheen.[/stextbox]

Variants of spectacular bows with leather trousers

  • Blouse. If you want to create a beautiful, sexy and at the same time strict look, then the combination of a light blouse and skinny or straight leather trousers is what you need. This beautiful and stylish bow will definitely serve you well. After all, in it you can feel confident in the office, and anywhere else. Plus, it’s incredibly comfortable.

Fashionable images with leather trousers on the catwalk

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[stextbox id=’info’]Important! In addition to black, dark leather trousers of other shades are very popular: burgundy, dark blue, dark green, purple. But, if you are 100% confident in your figure, then feel free to choose lighter colors. They are also very relevant.[/stextbox]

  • Cardigan. In spring and autumn, when the off-season is outside, a cardigan can become a real lifesaver for every girl. It is very warm and incredibly comfortable. It also goes well with skinny leather pants. For shoes, try wearing heeled ankle boots or wedges. The image will be breathtaking.

Fashionable leather culottes

  • Furs. What to wear with leather pants in winter? Of course with furs! This is another option for a win-win bow that will appeal to all lovers of contrasts. Moreover, you can wear here not only a fur coat, but also a short fur coat up to the middle of the thigh, a luxurious fur vest or other things with fur inserts. And in order to complete the image, be sure to complement it with boots or ankle boots with heels.


[stextbox id=’info’]Important! For an extra eye-catching accessory to a cardigan, jacket, coat or fur coat that you wear with leather pants, try adding a wide-brimmed hat. She will significantly transform the image, making it aristocratic and sophisticated.[/stextbox]

High waisted leather trousers

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  • T-shirts and T-shirts. Why not? As we said above, leather pants are a universal thing and you can combine it with almost anything. Of course, in tandem with a T-shirt, this is a weekend look. And it will look somewhat rustic, but a couple of strokes with a skillful hand will quickly fix it. For example, try to tuck your shirt under your pants not entirely, but only in front. Or tie a knot on your stomach or side. Another opportunity to make the image brighter is prints….

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