Leather pants: what to wear in 2021

What to wear with leather pants in 2021 to look stylish and not too provocative? In fact, there are a lot of ways to use these bold trousers in images, so I want to talk about this topic in more detail.

Women’s leather pants: fashionable images 2021

Many girls who love the look of leather trousers hesitate to buy them for themselves for a long time. All due to the fact that they do not know how to create the most successful images with them. We have compiled a selection for you, where we have collected all the possible information related to this issue. Let’s figure it out and get better.

The most successful images with leather trousers:

  • Banana pants and rough boots. A great option for those women who are self-confident or aspire to it. The bottom of this image is quite massive, so the top can either match it, or be freer and lighter. Banana pants will look great with a hoodie, a loose shirt and a jacket, a leather jacket, and for the winter you can add an oversized down jacket of a cropped model to this look.

  • Skinny and oversized top. The bow, which will be discussed, can be called basic, because it is very convenient and versatile. Fitted skins allow girls to show off their slender legs. This bottom allows you to make the top more voluminous. It can consist of a hoodie and a leather jacket, an elongated hoodie or an oversized sweater. Here you can afford a multi-layered top. High, rough boots that cover the ankles are suitable as shoes.

  • high waist. Fashion trends in 2021 recommend that fashionistas wear high-waisted leather trousers. Usually in the waist area, these trousers have pleats, an elegant belt or cute ties. Tops, blouses, turtlenecks or tucked-in shirts are best worn with this trouser model. You can take different shoes – from sneakers to ankle boots with heels.

  • Flared trousers. An original and fashionable thing in 2021 is flared leather trousers. They can be both long and short, in which the flare starts from the knee. Wear these trousers with turtlenecks and jackets, with sweaters and shirts. Shoes can be with or without heels.

If you are a brave woman, you can form a leather total bow, where a shirt or leather jacket will act as a top. In addition, denim shirt can be tucked into leather trousers. Don’t forget to complement the looks with appropriate accessories – a handbag, a belt, glasses and jewelry.

Getting acquainted with fashion trends, you can understand that in 2021 leather trousers can also be worn by overweight women. The main thing is to choose a good style to hide the existing flaws. Full girls are most suitable for banana trousers, cropped and classic models. You can complement them with a turtleneck or blouse, and put on a coat of a standard cut on top.

Stylish bows with cropped leather trousers

If you like feminine bows, then you should know that heels are perfect for cropped leather trousers. As a top, you can take anything. A classic shirt, blouse, and T-shirt will look equally good. For the cold season, an oversized sweater is suitable. You can add to this bow outerwear in the form of a coat or trench coat.

Culottes combined with high boots create a very interesting and boring look. Boots should be chosen such that their top is completely hidden under wide culottes. Boots that are loose in the shin area will ideally fit into this bow. Their color can be the same as that of trousers or another – brighter. The top will depend on where you dress. For example, for a more rigorous look, you can take a shirt and a jacket, and a turtleneck or sweater will fit perfectly into a casual look.

Culottes can be very well worn with shoes, and this outfit will fit into the office dress code. You can also take a different top – a shirt, turtleneck, blouse or sweatshirt. In this outfit you will look very stylish, feminine and flawless. In addition, to stand out, you can wear not only black, but also brown leather trousers, khaki trousers and other stylish shades.

Cropped trousers will also look perfect with a sweater and heeled ankle boots. A very light and casual look that can be both an outfit for the office and for a casual walk. If you need outerwear, then you can add a coat or cropped jacket here.

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Sporty looks with leather pants

One of the main trends of 2021 can be called a combination of leather trousers with sneakers. Such a stylish bow we will classify as sport-chic. Plain white sneakers will always look appropriate in this image. As a top, you can take a sweater, hoodie or shirt, and complement all this with a classic-cut coat. Looks very interesting, doesn’t it?

You can create a sporty look by taking leather trousers with stripes. They look great with a printed or classic t-shirt. Outerwear in this look can be represented by a bomber jacket, and shoes – sneakers.

The photos posted here will give you a clearer idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat to wear leather pants with in 2021. Just take a look at these incredibly spectacular images! If you want to look the same, then go shopping and buy yourself stylish leather pants.

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