lemon diet

Many people think that lemon is only an excellent remedy in the fight against colds, and do not even think that this fruit can be effective in something else. And it’s completely in vain, because lemons also help to get rid of such hated extra pounds.

Compliance with the lemon diet for two weeks reduces the arrows of the scales under you by 4-5 kg. This is possible due to the fact that lemons contain a huge number of substances that contribute to the rapid breakdown of fats in the body and, as a result, the rapid weight loss of a person.

For example, citric acid – significantly speeds up the metabolism and dulls the feeling of hunger. Lemon peel contains pectin, a substance that perfectly regulates the level of sugar in human blood. And vitamin C, the amount of which in lemons just rolls over, strengthens the immune system, which is especially important in the process of combating excess weight.

In a word, lemons do an excellent job of cleansing the body, normalizing metabolism and allowing you to get rid of not only diseases, but also excess weight for a long time.

The duration of such a diet, as previously mentioned, is 14 days, during which you will need to consume lemons, and limit yourself to sugar and baked goods. The menu for the lemon diet is very simple. To all that you usually eat, you need to add lemon juice diluted with purified water. You need to drink it every day, in the morning on an empty stomach. And the obligatory point is that after such a drink you need to rinse your mouth with a light soda solution. If this is not done, then you risk damaging the tooth enamel exposed to citric acid.

A feature of the lemon diet is that the amount of juice drunk should increase every day of the diet.

On the first day of the lemon juice diet, you need to squeeze the juice from one lemon and dilute it with one glass of water.

On the second day, you already need to take two lemons and dilute them with two glasses of water. This progression should continue until the seventh day of the diet, that is, on the sixth day you need to squeeze six lemons and dilute their juice with six glasses of water.

On the seventh day you should take three lemons, a spoonful of honey and dilute it all with three liters of purified water. Drink this mixture throughout the day. The seventh day of the lemon diet is the turning point of this diet, after which the amount of lemons that are consumed is gradually reduced.

This means that on the eighth day you need to squeeze the juice of six lemons and dilute the ego with six glasses of water, on the ninth – five lemons for five full glasses of water and so on until the fourteenth day of the diet, on which you will again need to repeat the honey-lemon menu seventh day. This ends the lemon diet.

It is worth noting that this is not such a simple diet as it seems at first glance, because not every person can drink four to six glasses of liquid on an empty stomach. But this is no reason to refuse such a wonderful diet, since diluted juice (in large quantities) can be divided into two or three servings. In this case, lemon juice should be drunk one hour before meals.

Follow the lemon diet is contraindicated for people who have high acidity. For other people, it is usually easily tolerated. The lemon juice diet can be repeated, but not more than twice a year (recommended in spring and autumn). Even more excellent results are obtained by the lemon diet, combined with light physical activity and a decrease in the total caloric content of the meals consumed.

The lemon diet allows you to easily lose burdensome kilograms and does not cause unnecessary inconvenience. In addition, lemons are a very common and inexpensive product, which makes this diet even more attractive. But before proceeding with it, be sure to consult a doctor.

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